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    LOL – I’m so jealous! Congrat!

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    Let’s see VA isn’t that far from from TN. I could intercept the package and I would have my male kirin!! 😈 Muhahahahahaha! 😈

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    Want: BEP & Violet Flame OWs, Black Unicorn, Mother and Baby Black Pegasus!
    Afford: If I’m luck I can afford the hang tags….

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    When I was looking into getting my new babies I did a lot of research into dog foods and I found this site very uesful: http://www.dogfoodproject.com/index.php?page=main . There is a lot of good generic information here and the people at the forum will be happy to recommend brands or diets that might help your baby.


    If you can go $35 for a 40 lbs bag, I know where you can get Canidae(.com for brand info), a very good dog food (according to the label), delivered to your door (It’s $43+ a bag locally), PetPointe.com (I use them). The only catch is that you have to buy 5 bags ($175) at a time. They also have a detail ingredient list on their site but finding it can be a pain.

    If not, Purina One is suppose to be the best dog food on the market that you can get locally (I can’t disagree, my first baby lived almost 15 yrs on it). Sadly the vet brands, like Science Diet (use to be good) and IAMS, are NOT good dog foods, they are just expensive.

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    Check out your local Walmart for practice pieces. I found mine carries a line of plaster pieces including a foal, puppy, bird, cat, turtle, fish, butterfly, and others for about 50 cents each. They are nice size at 2 to 2 1/2 inches long or tall. One Walmart even carries a larger 7 or 8 inch mare w/ foal for roughly $6. They are a lot of fun to do and you can see your results fairly quick with the smaller ones. Warning – Use a few layers of white base coat to even out the paint absorption or they will be splotchy. My first one was terrible, but I got better…

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    😯 Wow! 😯 Amazing job Whippet! 😯 😯 😯

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    Sadly, of the rainbow line, I’m looking for a fledgling not the momma.

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    πŸ™ My Mamma and baby Kirin are so missing daddy. Congrats to those earily birds…. Maybe one day I’ll get one too.

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    Rusti wrote:

    Good luck on the ki-rins, you guys, there are about four sets spoken for, which I kind of doubt they have!

    Hoping for a miracle we are!

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    Sorry, the creme looks white, but that could just an illusion due to contrast. Anywho, I can’t get over the amazing blending job on the muzzle. And the colors… Bellismo! (Hmmm, I still need a mare for my pegasus family….)

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    Wow! The mare is amazing and I love the color scheme!! Though, if you don’t mind hearing my opinion, I’m not as fond of the wings. The bright white keeps “pulling” my eyes away from that beautifully painted mare so I don’t get to properly enjoy her. I would prefer a softer, blended white that allows my eyes to “flow” more easily over her. But that’s just my opinion and, other than that minor thing, I love what you’ve done to her.

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    If they have an extra Male Kirin (that hasn’t been spoken for) let me know! (lots of pleading and begging!)

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    Oops! Typing hickup! That was to be masking fluid. Thanks for the info (and the relief)!

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    Has anyone used masking on the kirin horn? Will masking hurt the finish? I masked mine and now I’m worried about taking it off.

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