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  • Ran into an ‘eye pop’ snag. Wrong equipment. πŸ™ Looking for another option or right equipment. In the meantime does she have too much yellow? I can’t make up my mind as to whether this is good or she still needs more red…..


    gryphondreamer wrote:

    would letting the flame colors go over the eyes make them stand out more? in a good way. πŸ™‚

    I have a plan for that, if it works… That’s part of the yet to be finished stuff. πŸ˜‰

    She PYO #3 for me. She isn’t quiet finished but what do y’all think?

    This girl just won’t sit still!! And the flames, they melt the film! My daughter did the best she could but this was all she could get.

    For “Eye Pop”

    A Transparency… If I can get it to blend in will it look good???? It’s not easy to do. Gotta find a better way….

    No Red moon yet, still working no the other…

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    Fledges!!!!!!!!!!! :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak:

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    Is kitty included? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†

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    Rumor has it the kirin will be returning to production in a new color (date unknown)!! :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak:

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    I’m trying to start on number PYO 3. So far I haven’t been brave enough! πŸ™„

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    So while you were away did the Windstones play? πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Computer Viruses and other nasty things! Need Advice! #593340

    IE does wonderful things like open attachment if the attachment tells it to. That’s probably how you got the virus. I have never used IE or Outlook as an email client because of this troublesome feature. I started on Netscape and now am on Firefox/Thunderbird. Anything that protects me from email viruses is a good thing!! (At work, it was all too common for IE/Outlook users to get a virus and then spread it thru the network to everyone else. One once shut down the network for two days and we had a full blown tech department that was suppose to protect us from that kind of thing! Heads were rolling that day!!)

    Just remember, never open any mysterious attachments, no matter who they are from!! Virus like to mail themselves to “friends and family”!!

    And when downloading from the internet, research to see if the item you want to download is associated with a virus. Odds are, if it is, someone is already screaming about it.

    Oh and get your virus softwares latest update. That may contain the fix.

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    Any outside pics?

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    Arlla, He’s amazing!

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    Droolzzzzzzz! (Mouth Foams… Labradorite madness takes over) Myyy PRECIOUSSSS! Away you nassty bad hobbitsss! MINE! 😈

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    Yes you can. And please do! If they look at her history them wil see she a repeater….

    Pepper spray isn’t a bad idea cause it can be used on the dogs if needed. I would think siccing the dog on you is illegal.

    And even with kids, I’d be surprised if the cop didn’t hear the gun shots. Check with him, he would be another witness. Ask him if he would mind keeping an eye and ear on the neighbor when you’re around too, just to see what he thinks of the man’s behavior.

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