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    I just can’t understand for the life of me why people think it’s okay to take things that don’t belong to them. I guess I was raised well or whatever, but if it’s not yours, DON’T touch. 🙁

    The officer did call me back, and he did indeed contact Sony (more than I expected). Unfortunately they told him that I need to fill out some forms FOR the police to then GIVE to the police before they will then release information to the police. ??? So I’m a middleman I guess? And why must it be so difficult? I understand these companies deal with billions of people’s personal information they must protect, but making victims just thru hoops of fire to try and recover their items is beyond ridiculous. The account is mine, I have all your required info, yet you can’t release the serial number that is registered to my account or the last IP address used on the device registered to my system? Sigh.

    To make matters worse, the paperwork I have to fill out for Sony is pretty confusing. It doesn’t specify if they want my name and address or the officers name/stations address but they want the agency requesting the information and it says the documents are limited to law enforcement… yet… if that’s the case how would they know it’s MY account if they don’t want my name or information…?

    🙁 🙁

    I’ve come to terms that I’m not getting my console back, but I still want to follow thru with all this to at least try to get justice.

    I had my PlayStation PSP stolen (many years ago, when PSP was actually the new handheld) and went through a similar situation. I knew who did it, had no proof, and nothing ever got done about it. I just had to suck it up. At the time it was about 500 worth of stuff that was stolen between the console, case, and games. It’s a terrible feeling, especially when you know who the guilty party is but have no proof, or what is deemed by police to be enough proof. I wanted to mention though, I left XBOX and XBOX live because when I switched cable providers I lost my old comcast email (which I had everything connected to) and when I tried to update my accounts XBOX literally locked my account and wanted my social, address, purchase history, etc. and held my account hostage just because of a change of email address and literally after I gave them ALL of the information they requested they still refused to release my account and wanted me to make a new one. All of mu save data, downloaded content, everything, literally thousands of dollars all locked away by XBOX because they said they couldn’t confirm my identity with enough accuracy to release he information and update my email address to a gmail one. Needless to say I’m a PlayStation girl again and will NEVER go back to XBOX but it just goes to show how ridiculous these gaming companies are with the privacy. I mean I understand it to a point, but when you jump through all their stupid hoops and they still give you a “sorry, we can’t help you” yea… it’s infuriating. Sorry Kujacker. Whole situation sucks!

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    Haven’t gotten any tests yet let alone confirmation, but they’re thinking my husband may have Parkinson’s. 🙁 There’s no family history for him, but he’s presenting neurological issues. I wonder about his being in the Agent Orange in ‘Nam (he was a combat photographer and filmed the defoliation effects), but his records were lost in a fire in a Marines storage warehouse and only some cancers are related to Agent Orange according to VA.

    What sucks is I have to work so many hours to keep us semi afloat that I’m having a hard time caring for him now. I have no idea how we’ll make it if/when he becomes needier. So praying it’s not Parkinsons and is just some weird transient whatever.


    Hugs. I know I’m always most stressed when I’m worried about a loved one. I hope it turns out to be something simple!

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    SO very sorry Pip.All the best to you both dear.Good luck.
    We are currently dealing with David’s Grand-mother’s.She is sadly slipping away from us.I do hope that isn’t what your father is dealing with.Hugz💞

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    Pipxslch, I am sorry to hear this, I hope that the tests, if done, will come back that it is just some weird transient whatever.
    Sending you positive energy and hopes that everything turns out well.

    Looking for:


    Grandpa Byrd,the last grandparent of the family,has been put on an oxygen machine, couldn’t do the surgery, putting him in a nursing facility,Mrs Salli,his wife,has Alzheimers and was also put in a facility today.Grandpa cared for her,she will be so lost without him.Today is such a sad one.Love your family, you never know what tomorrow brings 😔

    The little things,act by act,deed by deed,it means something.


    Sorry to hear about your Grandpa, Bodine. So sad. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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    BLECH! We went to the new restaurant that opened in town today. I’ve not had food that bad in a while. My chicken sandwich was dry and tasted charred, husband’s steak sandwich was a rubbery philly cheesesteak, oldest boy’s hamburger was unseasoned and charred. None of those came with sides either. The only food that was edible was the littles’ food (slightly charred cheeseburger sliders and grilled cheese sandwich both with fries that needed salt). Definitely not worth the price. Would not recommend the restaurant.

    The chef is supposed to be some famous guy, but I’ve never heard of him.


    So sorry Bodine about your grandfather…
    Just now reading this.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you,
    Big Comfort Hugs


    Sorry Pip for all your are going thru..
    My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

Viewing 10 posts - 436 through 445 (of 445 total)
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