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    Finally got a chance to take and upload photos! Here is the handsome “Yuanshi”, received from bodine! He has a lot of interference/shine to him! I was pretty open with my request as usual with it being mostly free choice, though I do offer suggestions. One was a male foo dog to go with “Liang”, a female foo dog I received in a previous swap, but it was just an idea. This is what bodine decided to go with.

     photo Yuanshi_rightside.jpg
     photo Yuanshi_leftside.jpg
     photo Yuanshi_front.jpg
     photo Yuanshi_backtail.jpg
     photo Yuanshi_top.jpg
     photo Yuanshi_face.jpg

    “Yuanshi” with “Liang” (received from a previous swap from Ciarnet). They make a wonderful pair!
     photo Yuanshi_Liang.jpg

    Thank you again bodine! I love him! 🙂

    You are very welcome.I am so glad you approve! Great photos also,thanks for posting them.

    Both are beautiful! I really like Bodine’s-the green is ghoulishly devine! <3


    “Yuanshi” is gorgeous ! I just love that green. Great job Bodine !


    They are all so pretty so far! I got mine today from Pegasi1978. He is beautiful! She named him Baha, as I asked for a keeper in sea greens. She even sent me a bottle of Baha blast that she got the inspiration for the colors from! I love him! it must have taken forever and a very steady hand to outline all those scales! If you have pictures you can post please do! or I can email them to someone to post for me. He also came with a pretty crosstiched bag with a pendant in it!

    I swear I have better pictures. I still can’t get to them . Here’s Baja and the pendant.
     photo 20150530_190635_zpseaveumi4.jpg


    Wow! What a gorgeous keeper! All the swaps were stunning! Thank you all for sharing pictures.

Viewing 4 posts - 76 through 79 (of 79 total)
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