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      Quest #3 will be a simple guessing game… I am thinking of a Windstone sculpture…it might be any sculpture…and you try to guess what it is.
      You may ask me questions about it that can be answered “yes”, “no”, or “unknown” by emailing them to me: Ayonah (at) windstoneeditions (dot) com.

      Only one question from each forum member will be answered, though you may submit several if you wish.

      I will post the answers for two randomly chosen questions -per day, in this thread.

      After ten days and twenty questions, email me your guess!

      The winner will be chosen at random from the pool of correct answers.
      The prize for this quest is a unique Coiled Dragon.


      Questions and Answers:

      1.) Is it an imaginary or actual animal? Yes (from Lupuslunae)(so it’s an animal – not a humanoid)
      2.) Does the sculpture have at least one or more horns? Yes (from Puffpastryofdoom)
      3.) Does the sculpture represent a character of Melody’s unpublished graphic novel “Reptangle”? No (from littleironhorse)
      4.) Is the piece a member of Royalty? (IE, an emperor, emperess, etc): No (from Hannah)
      5.) Does the piece have a stone finish? No (from foxfeather)
      6.) Are the horns (or horn) made out of pewter? Yes (from Pegasi1978)
      7.) Does the sculpture have scales? Yes (from moonbeam)
      8.) Is the sculpture in a laying down pose? No (from pegasus4240)
      9.) Is this sculpture the scratching dragon? No (from WolfenMachine)
      10.)Is the sculpture an adult? No (from FlamingDragon)
      11.) Does the sculpture weigh under three pounds? Yes (from Sirithiliel)
      12.) Is it holding a jewel? No (from DragonCat)
      13.) Is the sculpt currently sold (out of stock or available) in the online store? Yes (from blackfire5th)
      14.) Does the sculpture involve an egg? No (from Alegria)
      15.) Does the sculpt have two horns? No (from Jasmine)
      16.) Does the sculpture have hooves? Yes (from drag0nfeathers)
      17.) Is the sculpt a parent? No (from Amy Jane)
      18.) Does the sculpt have all it’s feet touching the ground? No (from Lokie)
      19.) Is it a PYO piece? Yes (from Azurielle – and half of the rest of you!)
      20.) Does the sculpt have “Baby” as part of the name? No (from etruscan)


        And, for the boring l’eagle bit:

        Contest will run from today, 1/9 until 1/19. Each day, each registered forum member can submit one (1) question to Ayonah via email. Two questions will be randomly drawn each day for Ayonah to answer.

        You may submit one question per day until you are drawn to have a question answered – once Ayonah has answered a question you submitted, you cannot submit any more questions for consideration.

        Questions will not carry over from day to day, so you must submit the question again (or a new question) to have it entered.

        You can submit your guess any time during the promotion, but you may only guess ONCE so we recommend waiting until you see all the answers. You may NOT submit a new guess if you guess early and are wrong.

        After the last set of answers are posted on 1/19, users have and additional 24 hours to submit their guesses. A single winner will be drawn from from the correct answers only and notified via email. The winner’s name will also be posted to the forum thread.

        Please include your forum name in your email with your questions and guesses. The subject line for the email should be:
        “Quest 3 Question” for questions
        “Quest 3 Guess” for your guess

        Please do NOT post your guesses publicly – this will result in disqualification. You may freely discuss questions to ask, however.

        All registered forum members who have reached the age of majority in their country are eligible to participate. If you are under the age of majority, you will require a parent or guardian’s permission to play.

        Please email Ayonah with any questions about the rules!


          Do we need anything in particular in the subject line?


            Do we need anything in particular in the subject line?


            Updated the l’eagle notes…


              As an additional clarification – you just need to guess the sculpt, not the color. πŸ™‚


                Ah, sounds like fun!




                    I love 20-questions! Although I’ve never been any good at it. :~


                      I love 20-questions! Although I’ve never been any good at it. :~

                      Your first question is really good! πŸ™‚

                      I’m impressed with all the questions so far! I’d never have thought of half of these πŸ™‚ You guys are going to guess this quick I think! LOL


                        As long as the good questions get picked! πŸ˜›


                          I’m quite excited, I hope I at least guess correctly at the end to get a shot at being drawn =D


                          Can we guess if we don’t ask a question?


                            Can we guess if we don’t ask a question?

                            Yes, you can guess whether or not you ask anything.


                              Ayonah has updated his post with the first two questions and answers! Send in the next batch! πŸ™‚


                                Will the questions sent yesterday stay in the pool to be picked? Or do I need to send my question again?

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