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        I painted this little girl for a friend’s girlfriend (plan on doing a dragon for him). She asked for a black unicorn with white mane and tail. I think she turned out pretty good. The black looked greyish before I sprayed on the clear coat. Has anyone else noticed this with pieces they have done in black?

        I used Apple Barrel Colors #20404 Black with a tiny bit if Folk Art Artist’s Pigment #943 Burnt Sienna for the body and Folk Art Artist’s Pigment #649 Warm White for the mane and tail (same white I used on Cheryl’s wolf).


        It looks very nice. I would think it would be hard to work with black and white.


          I like that color combination! Hope the friends’ girlfriend loves it! πŸ˜€


            I painted the mane and tail first. I have to paint at night so I couldn’t really tell where the paint was until the next day with better light. πŸ˜† Next was the hooves and nostrils. Then I did the black paint very carefully cutting in with a tiny brush. Next was the gold accents. After that was all done I went back and touched up the white as needed.

            I sent her the same picture as a preview and she seemed pleased with it.


              She’s pretty. My favorite Breyer horses when I was a kid, was the black family with the white mane and tail πŸ˜€


              Are most horse’s nostrils that big? I painted my uni and then I got to the nostrils. It looked funny to me to paint them a darker color than the body color.


                So I’ve been working on the dragon that goes along with this unicorn … it goes to my friend. At first he was being a little bugger because he didn’t want to be black and red with green eyes. I picked up a bottle of metallic antique copper and decided to mix it with the red and wow what a difference! I am having a hard time stopping for the night. It took me two sessions to paing the black, one with metallic red and then this one with the metallic antique copper/metallic red mix. I still have to go through and touch up with black where I was a little sloppy.


                  I like him. Simple and very elegant.

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                    Those look good, Pegasi. I especially like the way the red eyes stand out on the unicorn.


                      The unicorn eyes are brown not red. I don’t think they are offering red unicorn eyes yet, all though I know some forum members would probably squeal in delight if they did.

                      Thanks for the compliments. I still have to do some touch up work and then seal him so expect to see more pictures some time soon. I’ll probably try to take some of the dragon outside during the day because you can’t really see the difference in the color between the wings and the accents on them. The flash almost wiped it out. It’s subtle though.

                      I’m trying to decide if I want to antique the dragon on not. At one point I considered black antiquing on the wings and the metallic copper/red for the body I just don’t know if if would be overkill or not.


                        Both very nice. πŸ˜€ I think the black uni is super!


                        I like the matte black on the dragon! If you’re unsure whether to antique or not, why not seal him first? Then if you don’t like it you have some small recourse.


                          I was definately planning on sealing him before antiqing. I learned that lessson the hard way on the wolf I did for Cheryl for the second swap. I just have to find time to clean up the black when my toddler isn’t running around. He’s behaded two dragons (not windstones) by knocking them off the table and I don’t want that to happen to this one. πŸ˜† He’s my little dragon slayer.


                            Well I finished up the black and red dragon. The friend he is going to saw a preview picture and told me he loved the way it was and not to change a thing. I’ve sealed him up and will get new pictures sometime soon.

                            I got a box in the mail with another PYO dragon and a PYO kirin and decided to give the kirin a try. I have to say I love painting the kirin so far. I spent a little over two hours on it and got all the fur painted. I decided to let it sit overnight before I started in on the scales. If the rest of the kirin goes like it started then I will have a hard time not buying a bunch of kirins to paint. πŸ˜†

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