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    Uh, if some of you could check my main list and let me know if the current location is wrong, that would be great so I can update it. My brains a little lost right now. I think I also accidentally removed a couple people from the waiting list that had not gotten fuzzies yet. Can anyone help me out here? Also, I have no problem with you guys finding someone to swap with yourselves if you want, I just need to know where they are at and where they are going if can keep me posted. 🙂

    Hi, Im still waiting to host a fuzzy 😉 Im in Canada and you were going to try and get one sent to me that was in Canada or en-route this way I believe. Hope that helps things !

    And Ela_Hara, those fuzzies looked like they were having a blast !! Kinda reminded me of cats high on catnip, lol !

    ya i got that already.

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    Tender Ridge is currently with me. I’ll be out taking a few photos with him today or tomorrow, but after that he’ll be looking for a new home.

    cool, could you pm your province/state?

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    So, Tender Ridge came to visit with me and jamesqe back in September here in Florida. When he first got here we did a little tour of the house. First the fuzzies wanted a meet and greet!

    Then TR wanted to see my fish tank up close.

    And because he liked the fish inside so much we went outside to see my pond next.

    Then he wanted to see some of my plants up close. Really seemed to like the colors.

    Then after all the excitement and a little snack he decided to take a nap with the cats.



    On the next weekend we had planed on going to Walt Disney World and TR was more than happy to come along!
    Walking down Main Street we got this photo of Cinderella’s castle.

    Next we went on the Jungle Cruise.

    And when we got off we saw these.

    TR liked this one.

    Next was the Haunted Mansion.

    While waiting in line we got these photos.

    We came back to ride this one again later at night but I couldn’t get TR to go and pose again. I don’t think he liked the tombstones to much after dark!

    After the first time on Haunted Mansion we went to see Rapunzel’s Tower.

    Then we were heading toward Beauty and the Beast’s castle where we where going to have dinner. And we saw this along the way.

    This is the Be Our Guest Restaurant.

    There are 5 dining rooms and the one we sat in has Beauty and the Beast dancing in the middle of the room.

    And the furniture has carved roses.

    TR didn’t seem to care to much for the dinner but when the desert came out he had to try everything including the grey stuff it’s delicious!

    And then it was time for the parade!



    When we got back home TR was excited to look at all his souvenirs.

    Then Halloween came and James was doing Quest #17 dressing up a Tad Poad as a dragon and TR wanted to play too. So we let him try on the wings to go trick or treating and look at the candy he got!

    After Halloween Tender Ridge decided it was time to move along. He packed up his stuff said all his goodbyes and headed out to go visit Stormbreeze in California. We all hope he has a good time and makes it home safe and sound!



    Wow! Looks like Tender Ridge had a wonderful visit! You got some great shots at Disneyland (or world – I’m not sure which it was) – very nice! thank you for hosting him and sharing his pictures!



    Hi Everyone!

    I’ve been hosting Traveling Fuzzy, Beary Fluffminister, and she is now on her way to visit Soulscape in Canada for the Holidays!

    Beary Fluffminister had a fun time with me, and I’ll try to post my photos early next week when I’ll have more time at work to do it. They are driving me CRAZY here since the year end is coming! Uggg!

    In the mean time, here is a photo of Beary and her Fuzzy companion with ALL of their souvenirs from our sightseeing trips in Washington DC!

    Beary Fluffministers Souvenirs fr Washington DC photo BearyFluffministersSouvenirsfrDC_zpsf3fa8040.jpg

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    The fuzzies look like they are having so much fun! I’ll try to update this in a few days. Supre busy trying to get ready for my trip without overdoing it.

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    Tender went to Stanford to take a college tour!

    Hoover tower in the background:



    He was begging me to get him a Stanford jacket, but I didn’t think it would fit.

    Keeping an eye out for fantasy gryphons and test paint dragons.


    Just letting ya know Beary Fluffmeister and co. got to me safe and sound and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! I’ll be pretty busy for the holidays but since I’ll be hitting Vancouver on the way home I’ll try to get some pictures.

    And Duster, my cat, missed me so much he put up with the fuzzies just to be with me. He’s over 19 years old! I wish I could have him at my place to keep him more company.



    I’m so glad Beary made the trip okay! I still need to post Beary’s adventures in DC. 🙂
    Merry Christmas and it looks like Beary & Co are having a nice Christmas visiting with you. 🙂

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    First, I do apologize for not posting this sooner, but my depression was really kicking my butt. Finally, it has let me come up for some much needed air!! Hopefully, I can continue to keep the “monster” at bay.

    During the Thanksgiving holiday, my fiance and I went to Nevada and California to visit his family. Of course, I brought Griselda along for the trip too. Rodney’s Dad and Step-mother live in Parhump, Nevada. The day after arriving, they piled us all into their car and drove us to California. We made some interesting stops along the way, where I was able to get some fun photo ops.

    The first stop was an interesting hotel/casino/restaurant called Tonopah Station, which is located in Tonopah, Nevada.

     photo IMG_2784_zpse0eefc80.jpg

    They had some rather interesting decorations in the place, which made for some fun pics!

     photo IMG_2787_zpsad185a6c.jpg

     photo IMG_2790_zpsc29604e6.jpg

     photo IMG_2797_zps2d9e9289.jpg

     photo IMG_2799_zps67c03a6f.jpg

    Later in the day, once in California…we stopped at a Black Bear Diner in Auburn.

     photo IMG_2810_zps1b5f4847.jpg

    Griselda was shy during the family gatherings, but once again made an appearance on the return drive back to Parhump, Nevada.

     photo IMG_2842_zps1b4d7611.jpg

     photo IMG_2843_zps38abdddf.jpg

    We stopped off for gas at the town of Tehachapi California and took advantage of some more photo ops.

     photo IMG_2845_zps93b0077b.jpg

     photo IMG_2846_zps9e0f4da3.jpg

    During this trip, Griselda lost the pink stone on her hate. Not to worry though, for I have a container full of rhinestones and I will be giving her a new one. Later this year, I plan to visit my Mom in Colorado and I plan to take Griselda along with me. My Mom loves travel buddies and I am sure she will get a kick out of Griselda.

    So, to recap I have taken Griselda to the following places: Japan, Nevada, California and of course Gloucester, VA. I do plan to take a picture of her here, in the middle of town is a statue of Pocahontas and I figured that would make for a good photo op. Not much else in this area anyway…:P



    Where is everyfuzzy?

    Also, I need three more fuzzy hosts, preferably at least on in canada who has not hosted yet if possible. 🙂

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    I’m sorry, I forgot to report in: Billy Joe is back visiting me again (he showed up to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Miss Mouse). I am still photo challenged but posting pix is on my list of things to do! If you would like to host Billy Joe please let me know – and I am happy to host another Fuzzy, if any of them want to come here next!



    Phew ok. Life has been pretty crazy since this year started, but I finally took Beary Fluffmiester and friend out to down town to show what Nanaimo is all about-a harbour city!

    Fluffmeister quite enjoyed the view of my suite the time she visited me. You can see one of Nanaimo’s two ferry terminals that charter cars over the Straight of Georgia.

    We started on one end of the waterfront in the park where there are a bunch of neat sculptures like this orca made of car parts.

    Then out to the crabbing dock. It was quite windy- Fluffmeister could barely hold on for the picture!

    We narrowly escaped becoming dinner for this terrifying crab!

    These sculptures’ sails rotate according to the wind.

    This stair access to parking and Front street above looks like a ship’s mast!

    And the view from the top!

    I did have some pictures of a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium when I was visiting family for the holidays, but for the past 4 months I have been putting up with my landowners selling and I myself finding and buying a house and have misplaced the memory card. I would keep Fluffmeister to show my wonderful new home, but I don’t want their travelling apartment to get lost in the move!

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