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    Nice work!

    Check out my gallery ** PYO Windstones for sale **
    Wanted: "Dragon Fruit #1" Male Dragon



    In order to earn a bit of money for the holidays I have decided to a one or two-off commission. It will be on a FCFS basis.

    Artist Name: Mika
    Artist Contact Info:
    Please contact by PM first – too many spammer accounts for me to freely give out my email

    PYO Painting Rates:
    Actual rate will depend on complexity of the paint job. A clear idea of what you want and any reference photos it will help me narrow down the price.
    Due to the Oriental’s time-consuming painting I will charge $9 per hour spent painting it (anticipated 2-3 hours of work per day)

    Griffin____________________$135 – $225
    Kirin______________________$135 – $225
    Dragon (small)_____________$144 – $252
    Wolf_______________________$135 – $225
    Keeper (big dragon)________$198 – $270
    Unicorn____________________$135 – $225
    Phoenix____________________$144 – $252
    Kitty Griffin______________$45 – $98
    Kitsune____________________$45 – $98
    Oriental___________________$9/Work Hour
    Rooster____________________$45 – $98
    Hen________________________$45 – $98
    Sushi Cat__________________$54 – $98
    Foo Puppy__________________$54 – $98
    Hippocampus________________$144 – $252
    Long Haired Flap Cat_______$144 – $252
    Foo Mom/Dad________________$162 – $252

    Type(s) of paint/materials used: Acrylic, possible airbrush
    Brand(s) of paint used: Golden, Liquitex, Americana, Craftsmart Premium, Martha Stewart, Folkart, Metallique and Sparks (Prima); Aztek for airbrushing
    Are pet portraits offered: Will be done on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me if you are interested.
    Shipping method: USPS, Fedex, or UPS. Will be shipped double-boxed in the original box they came in.
    Shipping rates/insurance: Depends on location, if adding signature confirmation/insurance, carrier, etc. Shipping to the west coast, Alaska, Hawaii, and internationally will cost the most, with international being very expensive.
    Ships to: US and internationally

    Artist location: Michigan

    Do you take payment plans or have any “Terms of Service”:
    First payment will be 2x the price of the figure (figure + down deposit) + shipping to me + PP fees if I am going to buy the figure from the store. If I am being sent the figure from the commissioner or from the store the down deposit will only be the price of the figure + PP fees.
    Second payment will be the remainder of the commission cost + shipping to the commissioner + PP fees.

    Allow 2 – 6 weeks for the figure to be completed. Larger and more complex figures will take longer to paint.
    A clear idea and/or reference photos is greatly appreciated, but I can work with something like “silhouette/scenery of x” or “space-themed.”
    I have a lot of paint, rhinestones, and glitter, so I can work on anything from simple pieces to bright flashy ones.

    I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

    *** Samples of work ***
    Windstones: https://windstoneeditions.com/forums/topic/mikas-pyos/
    Non-Windstones: https://windstoneeditions.com/forums/topic/some-art-pieces/

    Other comments:
    While more of a lurker on the forum, I am responsive to PMs and emails, so if you have a question about something those are the best methods of contacting me.

Viewing 2 posts - 91 through 92 (of 92 total)

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