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    Congrats Suzanne,lπŸ’“ve the uni sketch.

    "Perhaps we should all be examining what we think we know."D.Stormborn
    (Wanted:safari young & baby unicorns.)


    Oh nooo.My 1st Windstone t-shirt was that beauty,love her so.I still have it many years from a Christmas gift swap here. My mug is her too.That is a Grail for me. Lucky to the owner,even if damaged.DF can fix her.

    "Perhaps we should all be examining what we think we know."D.Stormborn
    (Wanted:safari young & baby unicorns.)


    So incredibly excited to have three of my grail pieces arrive! I’ve been looking for these three FOREVER!!! These aren’t great pics, but I can’t wait to show them off! First up, The Skunk Gothich Uni is in the back of my “Badger” group. I am always looking for sculpts I don’t have in mostly black with white striping aka this “badger” pattern. And the Mahogany Griffin family is finally ALL back home together! My mother and father griffins are very pleased to have their chicks back! In the second pic you can also see the Mother and Father Peg in that color. Sadly, their baby was destroyed, but she was rebuilt in a new color so I’m not too sad to be without her. And I am always looking for more of the old Mahogany pieces.




    Seeking Test Paints & GBs ! Please get in touch if you'd trade/sell. I'll remove pieces from list by owner request
    ANY Red Eyed Unis
    ANY Test Paint Bat
    Ponycorns: Golden Zebra, Skunk, Brown Spotty Zebra Mutant
    Youngs- Tain
    Male- Snow Leopard TP
    Mother: Okapi
    Gothic - Mahogany
    PEGS: Male Midnight Calico, Male Bloodstone, Mother Starlight Rain
    DRAGONS: Male Coyote


    oooo! pretty collections of colors there, Natasha!

    Sitting Cat found! SOON!!!!! OMG YEY!


    Those griffin parents look happy to have finally found their babies <3

    Got a busted dragon? There isn't a Windstone I can't fix! - drag0nfeathersdesign@gmail.com
    *OPEN for repairs & here to help with DIY questions - PM me*

    Ivory Moss Baby Kirin
    Tie Dye Hatching Royalty
    Zebra Cuttlefish Kirin Family
    Siphlophis Male Dragon
    Arc-en-ciel Emperor
    Dragon Quail & Ocean Flame Old Warriors
    Emerald Tabby & Masquerade Male Griffins
    Betta Sun Dragon & Male Dragon
    Barn Swallow, Dreamscape, Orion, Poison Dart, & Fireberry Dragons


    Congrats πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽˆNatasha !!
    Mama and Papa Griffins look like they are smiling so big !!
    Chicks are adorable !!
    Glad the family is finally reunited!!
    Beautiful photos of them all !!


    Congrats. I do love it when a family gets reunited

    Looking for Blue Fawn Baby Kirin
    Sanguine Test Paints


    Congrats Natasha!


    They look great, Natasha! I especially love the ‘Skunk’ Gothic. (I mean, black on something called ‘gothic’ just makes a lot of sense anyway, right?) πŸ™‚

    Interested in buying or trading for: GB Pebble Sitting Red Fox in grey, Lap Dragon Test Paints (Pearl Steel Blue, Opulence, Pastel Rainbow, others), production Lap Dragons with minor to moderate damage, and Griffins in Black Rainbow or Frosted Jade.


    I have acquired some sculpts from my Grail list! Here’s an update of what I’ve found and received through the kindness of forum members – Thank You Guys!

    *** Bacon and Eggs Curled Dragon (eBay – Melody) AQUIRED last year! YAY! Thank You so Much!
    *** Russet Autumn Leaf Curled Dragon (LP sculpt) AQUIRED last year! YAY! Thank You!

    AND Most Recently….
    *** Red Autumn Leaf Poad (eBay/Special – Melody) YAY! RECENTLY TRADED AND AWAITING SHIPPING! A BIG Thank You!

    *~*~*~* Ela_Hara: The DragonKeeper *~*~*~*
    SEARCHING...for a Red-eyed Razorback Boar! I'd love to Trade, Buy or... Let's Make a Deal!
    SEARCHING...for the Red-Capped KS Adult Poad - please see my Classified Ad!
    *** Come visit me on deviantArt at http://ela-hara.deviantart.com


    Ela_Hara: yey for another found grail! makes me happy to hear others have found their grails, glad my thread can help others connect with their grails!

    Sitting Cat found! SOON!!!!! OMG YEY!


    Yay Ela_Hara!Congrats everyone.

    "Perhaps we should all be examining what we think we know."D.Stormborn
    (Wanted:safari young & baby unicorns.)


    Congratulations Ela_Hara!

    You too Natasha! Mahogany is a lovely color scheme! I have the Male dragon and find he looks so majestic in those “clothes”. It’s a little tough to see going off your pictures, but do the Mahogany Griffs have any black on them? The male has black scales everywhere but mostly browns.

    I don’t think I went back far enough in this thread to catch everyone, but the same goes out to everyone who got something they love!

    This thread was a good idea, Fatalbeauty πŸ™‚

    Wanted: "Dragon Fruit" Male Dragon ~ "Fire Berry", "Paradise", "Dragon Fruit", "Tie Dye" ~ The brighter, the better!


    This thread was a good idea, Fatalbeauty πŸ™‚

    πŸ™‚ glad I can help people!

    Sitting Cat found! SOON!!!!! OMG YEY!


    sooooooo any new or found grails?

    Sitting Cat found! SOON!!!!! OMG YEY!

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