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    ANY and ALL!!!!!! :p ….(In moderation…of course)HA! HA! 😉


    I’m still with Lindt. Anybody here ever try their Dessert products? Dark/milk/hazelnut on the outside, chocolate mousse on the inside…

    Ok, now I need to go buy some!

    Sounds fabulous! I don’t think I’ve seen them around, but then I haven’t looked either!

    tdm 😀



    If it’s chocolate–I’ll most like eat it!


    I used to love the lindt products, but they changed their receipes a few years back and now there is only the dark chocolate left that I find really eadible from them >_<
    But my husband and I got recently very addicted to the choclates from the swiss maker "Laederach" (http://www.laederach.com/chen/assortment/). We are lucky to have one shop in our town 🙂
    Their choclate is rather expensive but the pralines are to die for. And rather than eating a whole bar of any other "cheap" chocolate while watching tv or so, we now really take our time eating a praline and enjoying it thoroughly without any distraction.

    Mercury Star

    I like a lot of chocolates, but right now, every Monday morning, I buy a bar of Organic Fair dark chocolate from the little coffee shop across from where I work. I eat two squares off the bar a day, so it lasts me a work week. This week I have their Canadiana bar, with bits of dried apple, maple syrup, and alder smoked salt. Mmmmm.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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