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    Hello Everyone! It’s swap season so how about new swap? So here’s the deal with this one:

    Say you live in the US, but You just gotta have that certain candybar you can only get in Canada or Mexico, or say you love trying new chocolates and candies. Say you know of a great local chocolateer but have never had the chance to share their goodies? Well, I have a solution to your problem!

    The Great Winter/Fall Chocolate Swap! Q & A

    Who can join? This swap is open to people from anywhere you might be! During sign up, you’ll fill out a small questionnaire so we find out allergies or things you hate love etc… If you absolutely cannot ship out of country let me know, but I’d love to be able to match people up with other countries or regions so everyone gets an opportunity to try something unique.

    Do I have to be in the US? Nope, the more variety the better!

    How does this swap work? Basically you get matched up with another swap entree whom you will be essentially making a gourmet (or non-gourmet) chocolate and sweets care package. The idea is that you find unique things that your match couldn’t find around their area. Maybe something hand made from a local curator, maybe a type of chocolate you absolutely love that they cant find in their area. You will not necessarily be giving to whom your receiving.

    Why in the the fall/ winter time during holiday bustle? Because chocolate melts in the summer in warmer climates, and when it rains and your having a bad day, why not enjoy a special bundle of goodies packed just for you?

    How much should I be spending The expectation is around $10, but if you wanna do more feel free, just realize you may get a much smaller pack than you sent out, but hey, giving is just as fun as getting right?

    Why would I want to enter a chocolate swap? Because, Chocolate. (that’s a valid reason right??)

    Note to Entrants Do be sure to keep an eye out for any Fuzzy stowaways, need to make sure that chocolate gets to it’s destination right? 😉

    And lastly, HAVE FUN!! If there is anything I forgot let me know!

    To Enter, Send an Email to littlekittydragon (at) yahoo (dot) com with the falling subject line:

    The Great 2015 Chocolate Swap – (forum name here)

    I also need you to fill out this questioner and include it in your email:

    1.) Full Name and Forum Name

    2.) Mailing Address

    3.) Any Allergies (nuts, milk, soy)

    4.) Region you Hail from (Province/state/country)

    5.) Can you ship world wide? If not, where can you ship?

    6.) Favorite sweets, type of chocolate?

    7.) Your absolute NO! list.

    8.) Anything else you’d like to mention?


    Sign-up is from 9/23/15 to 10/20/15 (yes I know this is a long time, but I do not want to conflict too much with the PYO Swap). On 10/21, I will email you your swappee and their questionnaire. I would like for all the packages to be out by Dec.15th. That’s about 5 weeks to find, create and mail your goody packs.

    Got any questions? Let me know!

    Current Entries So Far: 15 (maybe 16)

    Always open for pyo commissions, repairs and fine artwork! PM me for current prices!



    This sounds fun! And I love chocolate!!???!!! Sending you an email.



    Cool! I’ll have to think about this…
    Now I have two swap entry emails to do. 🙂

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    Entered! This will be fun. 🙂



    Aww, I’ll be visiting family during the shipping time. Maybe next year. Have fun you guys! 🙂



    Aww, I’ll be visiting family during the shipping time. Maybe next year. Have fun you guys! 🙂

    Its ok if your a little late or early, it was kind of a guide line, holiday swaps are fun. 🙂

    Always open for pyo commissions, repairs and fine artwork! PM me for current prices!




    Email sent!

    This is going to be so yummy! I hope there’s a good turn out!!

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    Sent mine in.



    I will be joining in, most likely. And dont worry, I will be using NEW boxes and packing materials… LOL!



    HECK YEAH I am in! I love sharing Canadian chocolate with the world! 😀

    Check out my finished artwork at and my sketch/studio blog at




    Sounds cool. I have seen some awesome local chocolates I don’t think they have other places.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!



    So what kind of candy bars do we have in the U.S. that you don’t have in Canada or other places?



    Well I dont really know what we DONT have here, except for the Payday bar… that one isnt around here. There may be a list online somewhere that shows what us Canadians are missing out on 😉



    I don’t know how accurate it is, but this is interesting (look under distribution):

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