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    lol, Need a whole new thread for the unsolicited stuff you get just for having an email address, or the phone texts from people you’ve never heard of!

    HA! Don’t forget all the SPAMMER and SCAMMER Phone Calls! It’s Terrible!


    I’m especially annoyed with emails, that under the new electronic communication laws, have to have an “unsubscribe” link when I never subscribed in the first place!

    Yeah, we need a new rant thread!



    Thanks everyone for the heads up. That account has been flagged and the IP blocked. It never ends! Maybe there’s a general spike in spam activity lately for some reason. I used to get the occasional spam call on my cell phone, but have gotten lots of them in the last week.



    Bunch of awful SPAM classified ads have been created today! !

    Wanted/Wish List: Wild Troll Male Unicorn; Tiger Heart Mother Unicorn; Nights Fire Male Dragon; Nights Fire Mother Dragon; Nights Fire Curled Dragon; Red Fire Male Dragon; Any Grand Unicorn painted by Melody



    Yea I’ve been seeing it a lot too. At least it’s obvious spam and not something like a fellow forum member PMing you trying to be your buddy and get you to email them.

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    These cell Billionaires have bought our government to stop them from regulating. When I track a spam call the number is not in use. A Multiple lawsuit going after all the carriers for not regulating their servers from back door infiltration could put a stop to it. I get 3 to 5 a day, unless I know the number I do not answer, then call back, if it is not legit, with the software I have I block it and report it. If everyone did this the number will come up as a teller marker or no ringing. This has cut down my Robo calls 75%.
    Hey what is this crap on the Classified Adds?



    I just received one from the Noyes person…



    Yup, Kayla Noyes strikes again

    Got a busted dragon? There isn't a Windstone that I can't fix! -
    *OPEN for repairs on a limited basis. Happy to help with DIY questions - PM me*


    Leza Wallace

    I have Noyes Kayla. Same overall MO.



    We apologize, we’ve had more SPAM messages from Kayla Noyes. The spammer has been blocked. If you got a message just delete it – don’t follow any links (I don’t think they will work anyway). Rest assured the the Spammer does not have your personal email address – the message you received in your email is from our website telling you that you have a message in your Windstone Private Messages. We are doing out best to keep them out but as there is nothing that prevents real people from creating accounts for robots to send spam from, its difficult. Pretty much if you see a message that begins “Hello” or “Hello Dear” from someone you do not know, be suspicious, don’t open any links, and check the forum to see if anyone else has remarked about it.
    Thank you to everyone who emailed us to alert us – that helps us block them quickly.



    I see that Kayla Noyes has reappeared. Delete all “her” messages without reading!



    Yes, Kayla is back. Every time I delete her account, “she” just creates a new one from a different IP address. Sorry folks—I’m trying!



    Thanks Clay, We know you are trying and we appreciate you!

    Looking for:



    Yes, thank you for all your efforts, Clay! We appreciate you! These people are just persistent annoyances.

    I was hopping on to let you know that Kayla is back, but it seems that etruscan has beaten me to it. Thanks, etruscan!

    Kayla has reversed her name to Noyes Kayla this time. (rolls her eyes) Like we’re so unobservant that we won’t know it her at first glance.



    She’s a virus; a cancer on everyone’s lives!!! Blast her to infinity Clay!!!

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