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    There are a lot of pictures in this thread (in my post alone!) and I assume it’s only going to get bigger as people’s Poads start streaming in! Fair warning :)Also, I got my Poads early because I requested them to be sent early through Susie, so if this is something that interests you, get in touch with Susie!

    Here is my haul! More pictures of each individual are below 🙂

    First, the Minis!!
    I picked out the ones on the left and the right, and the center one I asked Susie to send me a blind grab bag. I love them ALL but I actually especially love the one Susie picked out for me – she got me spot on!! She has a little bit of sparkle paint on her cheeks and chin too 🙂


    Here are the babies:
    This first one has some really beautiful painting on her back – the photos don’t do any of these guys justice, but anything metallic is especially hard to see, and those scales are a lovely bronze and gold metallic.





    The Special Babies!
    This first one has seriously fluorescent cheeks! I need to see if I can get any better pictures of these because the colors are so bright and striking in person, these just don’t do her justice!



    And probably my favorite of all the Babies is this special – she has a color changing beak! Her back design reminds me of stained glass, I love it!



    And finally the Adult Poads. First is the regular grab bag:




    And my two Specials. I was lucky enough to get one of my very top choices of the whole bunch!!
    The Specials are marked on their felt pad with a number.  This is #16:


    And this is #42, which is apt because as any fan of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy knows, #42 is the meaning of life, so I think that’s trying to tell me something.  I also love the ocean, and this guy reminded me of a coral reef in an ocean. I love her! She has some really unique, deep purple eyes that I’ve never seen before. Gorgeous!


    Love, Fuzzy!
    It took me far too long to realize that’s a HORSESHOE! Not a “C”! Lol! I need a nap 🙂

    Commission spots are open! Please message me for details.

    Please visit Cuddly Clay to see my art and PYO's that I've done in the past!


    Ooh very beautiful 💐!!
    Luv the Good Luck 🍀 Fuzzy too
    Thank you for sharing!!


    AAAaaaaaa! OOOOooo!
    BEAUTIFUL Poads Hannah!
    Ms.Susie will be sending mine earlier too, but not for a couple weeks. I’m STILL buying Poads LOL! I’m planning on getting another Podge Mini Poads from the KS Backer Store AND I’ve claimed one of the Store Photo GB Fantasy Adult Poads! YAY! Of course it’ll take me a week or so to get my funds in order to buy her from the Backer Store. She’s in the pic below under the arrow.

    And BTW – those darker purple eyes on your Lovely #42 are the Plum eye color – my Favorite of the eye colors! The original Sugar Plum Adult Poads had them, my claimed Poad below has them, and I claimed two KS Campaign Poads with them – one Special Adult and one Special Baby. YAY! I’ll get group photos up in a few weeks after mine come in.
    Congrats on your Haul!

    *~*~*~* Ela_Hara: The DragonKeeper *~*~*~*
    SEARCHING...for a Red-eyed Razorback Boar! I'd love to Trade, Buy or... Let's Make a Deal!
    SEARCHING...for the Red-Capped KS Adult Poad - please see my Classified Ad!
    *** Come visit me on deviantArt at


    Wow!Very colorful Hannah.They are gorgeous.Congrats on them all.😍#42😁

    "Perhaps we should all be examining what we think we know."D.Stormborn
    (Wanted:safari young & baby unicorns.)


    Susie found those horseshoes for the Kickstarter fuzzies, they represent a lucky kick-start!  Perfect!


    These Poads are legendary!! Each one is truly gorgeous!

    *Formerly meowmix101
    Not currently open for PYO commissions.
    Find me at: Twitter, DevArt, and IG @landipan


    I really like the balance of patterns and colors on your ‘coral reef’ Poad, Hannah!  The mini-poad gang are super cute, too, and such a nice variety – no two the same, but all very harmonious together.  🙂

    Interested in buying or trading for: GB Pebble Sitting Red Fox in grey, Lap Dragon Test Paints (Pearl Steel Blue, Opulence, Pastel Rainbow, others), production Lap Dragons with minor to moderate damage, and Griffins in Black Rainbow or Frosted Jade.


    Gorgeous collection, Hannah!  Congrats.  My favorite is your mosaic looking guy.


    Wow, those are all gorgeous Hannah!  I love your middle rainbowy ones in the group photo!  I have a similar purple headed baby coming.  I will also have mine shipped soon but was still deciding if I wanted to add another baby or mini.  Has anyone else gotten theirs in or are more people getting theirs in soon?  I would love to see more pictures when more people get theirs!

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    Here’s a really bad, quick photo of mine that came today!  I am SO happy with them!  They’re just amazing.  I’ll try to get better pictures this weekend.



    So pretty everyone! Here’s my clutter!

    Seeking Test Paints & GBs ! Please get in touch if you'd trade/sell. I'll remove pieces from list by owner request
    ANY Red Eyed Unis
    ANY Test Paint Bat
    Ponycorns: Golden Zebra, Skunk, Brown Spotty Zebra Mutant
    Youngs- Tain
    Male- Snow Leopard TP
    Mother: Okapi
    Gothic - Mahogany
    PEGS: Male Midnight Calico, Male Bloodstone, Mother Starlight Rain
    DRAGONS: Male Coyote


    Here’s a really bad, quick photo of mine that came today! I am SO happy with them! They’re just amazing. I’ll try to get better pictures this weekend.

    That black-headed one in the back-left is a lot like Polish decorated Easter eggs, pisanki. Love it.

    Looking for...

    Sitting young oriental dragon koi gold and white


    WoW!How gorgeous they all are.😍Really ogling your red/black feathers pair Natasha.💞



    "Perhaps we should all be examining what we think we know."D.Stormborn
    (Wanted:safari young & baby unicorns.)


    Here are better photos of mine!







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