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    OMG, those are such cute photos! They really made my day. Cookie and her pebble look so perfect together.


    Cookie seems to really enjoy her pebble likeness! 😀 Thank you for the pictures! I have to ask though, did your stomach clench when she started pawing at it? -laughs- I know mine would have!


    Haha. When she tried to bite the ear of it my first instinct was to drop the camera and save the pebble, but then I told myself it would be fine and kept taking pictures. The pawing at it was cute though and she didn’t look like she would paw it off the box so that was okay. Oh and to answer a previous question, she and her kitten will be getting spayed and neutered very soon thanks to a program with the pound here that does it for free for low income families. We were waiting for him to be old enough to do them both at the same time and he will be 6 months old in two days! I can tell he is being a typical adolescent kitty already as he used to curl up on my lap and purr away the hours and now he would rather hunt and chase his mouse toys and try and sneak up on the other cats for fun to scare them so hopefully getting him neutered will help ease the aggression a bit. Cookie has been doing great though. She hasn’t really exhibited symptoms of going into heat again except for one time a few months ago. She is still a little shy with us as she is not really sure if she likes to be cuddled or held but she loves being petted and she now likes to play with her toys and she used to play pretty hard with the kitten. It is cute the kittens taught her how to play as when we first took her in she had no idea what to do with a toy. We have a mouse toy on a string that we hang over the door frame and her and the kitten loves to play with it and try to grab it and watch it snap back up.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    Your kitties are so adorable ! Looks like everyone is settling in nicely in their new surroundings 🙂 Hope your getting settled in as well!

Viewing 4 posts - 76 through 79 (of 79 total)
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