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    Aw, sorry he didn’t work out. 🙁 He was at 100% positive when I bought my things from him.


    Jasmine wrote:

    Aw, sorry he didn’t work out. 🙁 He was at 100% positive when I bought my things from him.

    I got 4 corsets from him (for less than $150)…So, while upset, I can live with it. Besides, I plan to go to the fabric store this weekend (50% off sale! yay!) and spend my $20 I would have spent shipping them back to buy some very nice velvet and satin, and finish the job he started and didn’t finish (Scott’s idea, after 2 hours of trying to calm me down, he simply asked, “Why don’t you do something with it to make it even better than he could have for that $20?). The ideas I have should work well, and who’s to say, another unsatisfied customer won’t eventually put something up for sale on ebay themselves that is just my size that is something I wanted from him. I would buy from another seller on there selling a corset by him. 😉 I may send money to someone else somewhere along the line to get me something from him. Seems mostly that he is good with first time customers, but not so good with the repeats? I don’t know, I have tried 3 times to contact him, even through his OWN email, and still have no response. 😕 So rather than to fight with him and his 3 day return policy…I will just make the corset into something else. Maybe, I will make it more “vampire” styled. 8)
    I do have a vindictive side, and part of me wants so badly to make it into something so different, but yet leave the main body the same, and then send pics to him…But my luck he will take the “new form” and make some just like it. 🙄 Of all things, I hate most being taken advantage of. I just rather it would have been a broken Windstone over this. But, if I can fix a shattered Windstone, I can fix this! 😀
    And I have done alot of searching for info on how to make corsets, materials needed, and whatnot. Also, I am currently searching for a pattern for a Gentleman’s Frock Coat mid 1700’s Italian Style…This is a challenge, as it seems to be VERY hard to find! :shout:


    Now I don’t know what to do?? I had several of his gowns in my watched items and I’m not sure if I should try for them or not?
    I LOVE the look of all the mid evil style dresses but don’t know what to do now.
    I can’t afford to pay for something I don’t get or god forbid get the wrong size???
    I would need to hoop skirt too, he or someone responded to my within about 2 hours about the hoop they use for the model in the pics


    After sending him an email to his actual email account he responded…Only took me 3 tries and him over 24 hours. If I keep the corset he has offered to refund 20% of the price to my paypal. If I send it back, I get a refund minus the 20$ in shipping (I have to pay to ship it back too!).
    I think I will keep it…Get my $11.05 back and take that 11 bucks and add it to the other monies in my acct. 😉

    As I said DM, it seems that the first couple go pretty smoothly. It’s what comes after I wouldn’t want to deal with again. :negative:
    Just if you do buy one, I have found his measurements to be spot on for the corsets, so make sure you measure yourself. The hassle of returning it, would be a pain in the butt I am afraid. (Make sure to read the fine print too…He takes a 20% restocking fee out of your refund too. 😡 )


    Men measurements are slightly off when ordering Womens clothes too I have found
    I’m going to be ordering a vitamin in liquid form too that my friend is selling (and I will be too soon)and he said in less then 2 months he is down to his ideal weight and his partner has lost 10 pounds in 2 months so maybe I should wait and see if I lose the 10-15 pounds I’m trying to lose before I order. I’m between the 16 and 18 now according to HIS size chart I found I seem to be more 16 then 18
    I used to be soo thin!!
    I’m 5′ 8″ and weighed 120# until I was 31 in 2 years by the time I was 33 I was 190# which is where I am now according to the trainers at the Gym when I signed up there and did my body fat thing my ideal weight should be 176#-178# that could be 1 or 2 sizes in the female world
    Alameda’s Coronation is in September and last year I was the Decade Empress BUT the board had allowed someone to steal all the money from the organization and we had our charter taken away until they got things back in line which they did but I lost my chance for my decade presentation. Their was talk about letting my Emperor and I have a presentation this year but I have not heard anything about it since that one talk AND the board HATES me now since I told a few of them what I REALLY felt about them

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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