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      Yay, I got one red fox, and two arctic foxes! I was so lucky that my mom held the fort for me, I was helping my handicapped aunt get her groceries when they came out. Even then I barely got the red fox. My mom had to wait and refresh it for a while.

      Looking for-
      red fire young dragon
      old animal line frog, wolf, barn owl, tortoise, tiger cub


        Both foxes have jumped out of carts and more than 10 of each are in stock. πŸ™‚ Anyone still hoping for them shouldn’t have any problems, at least for a bit longer!

        Mercury Star

          I just snagged one of each, no problem. πŸ™‚


            I was at work on my last break when I noticed they had been released on the computer at work. Since I dont trust that computer to order from (plus didnt have my passwords with me) I just added a few to a cart of each hoping that by the time I got home they would have hopped out of that cart and waited long enough for me to purchase them. Seems like it may have helped, cause when I got home there were over 10 available of each (likely didnt even have to do this adding-to-a-cart thing, lol! )

            So I was able to get one of each ! (just a few mins ago actually! ) Yippie ! And I went and paid for more expensive shipping, hoping that this time I wont have to wait over 2 weeks to get them ! Im actually still waiting for my fishy cat…. been almost 2 weeks now… damn customs takes so long to process things !

            Anywho… Im excited ! Cant wait to see what I get ! Oh and I ordered a grab-bag Tad-Poad to, figured I might as well since they are cute and I dont have one πŸ˜‰


               photo omg.gif

              I think I jest sneekeded in *bounces excitedly*

              tdm πŸ™‚



                I got a red fox! I really wanted an arctic too, but the red fox means more to me and I had to get some Christmas foops along with. (They be my decoys haha.) There should still be foxes in the store now if anyone else is after one – I nabbed mine just a little while ago. I’m so excited – this will be my second grab bag ever! <3 I'm sooo happy I am getting a fox, I don't quite believe it yet!

                EDIT: as of 9:29 pm Pacific arctic foxes are still in stock! πŸ™‚ Reds are currently 'Out of Stock,' but there should be some more up tomorrow from what Susie says and there's probably some sitting in carts, so hang in there!

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                  My mom was laughing at me trying to get my order made all safe and sound on my phone while we were up in the mountains… I got it, eventually! lol… I just ordered the pair of reds, I’m sitting here back and forth on an arctic…
                  She keeps looking at the Red Fox photo’s with me, contemplating if she wants to try to grab for one or two now, lol… the sculpt looks a lot like her dogs (Icelandic Sheepdogs) and a couple foxes are similarly colored… so I’m pushing her lil buttons to see if she wants one or not, lol! She gave up for sleep tonight though, lol!


                    I was very lucky and got the last red fox this morning, together with an arctic fox πŸ™‚


                      When I logged on tonight, my heart sank for the Red Foxes were listed while I was over at Rodney’s. I came to the site and the ugly “out of stock” notice stared me in the face. I refreshed a couple times and there they were, more Red Foxes!! The next problem, I can’t afford either Fox right now. Price is reasonable, don’t get me wrong. Wallet is just drained to the max thanks to the October trip. As luck would have it, today is both mine and Rodney’s 7th anniversary. As a gift to me, Rodney got me one of each since there is a 2 per person limit. My hero…<3

                      When all the foxes are in carts, the store will say “Out of Stock”. However, items can only stay in carts for 45 minutes before dropping out (if they are not purchased). In a grab bag like this, there are usually quite a lot that go into carts but are not purchased, so after 45 minutes they drop out of the carts and back into stock. This is what you are seeing πŸ™‚ Once an item is completely out of stock (all purchased, none in carts) the page will show the “Notify when Back in Stock” button. If there is no notify button, but the store says out of stock, this means there are still some in carts that could drop back into stock.

                      I know, my time on the net is very limited in the evenings and I had other things I needed to get done. So, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get lucky in the brief time I had. Obviously, it was meant to be…:)

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