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    I love tats! I have two myself and want more. I should try and post some pics here when I get around to it.
    I have a large dragon on the left arm and a smaller, fairy dragon on the right.

    I’d love to get a big pegasus on my back. I think my parents would go apeshit on me though…even though I don’t live with them anymore and haven’t for years, they are kinda iffy about the tats.
    But hey, I will get more in the long run if I want! ^^


    ruffian wrote:

    Dragon87 wrote:

    That’s soo cool! I still need to get my next one done (which is based off of one of Nam’s drawings. I’m so excited). 😀

    Where do you go to get yours done? The place I went to here moved there, but the artist I liked left long before that.
    Bear’s Tattoo Studio… it’s downtown, kinda close-ish to City Center Mall. I think. :scratch:

    I have my deposit with them, I just need to book the appointment. I’m hoping to wait until I get a job before I book. I hope I’m not too far away or I’m gonna have fun getting my deposit back.


    Thats where I would go in Edmonton too!! Someday perhaps! This guy did one of mine when he was here in fort mac, and I would LOVE to go to him again, but he is now in Vancouver..BOO! 😀


    I got my deposit with Chris Rhayson – he does EXCELLENT feather work from what I’ve seen, and seemed perfect for it.
    His Gallery

    And wow, Landry does excellent work. I really like the eagle, the dragon crawling across the shoulder, and the painted characters (they actually look like paint! So cool!)!

    Ooops! Thread Hijack possibly in progress…. 😮


    ok here we go, this is after session #2….still got a long way to go… 😆
    just took the pic tonight and it’s already starting to peal…talk about fast healing!

    Palette Creations on FB


    I love how the hair was done! Very nice! 😀


    That’s coming out great! 8)


    well session #3 ended Wednesday night and after many hours of sitting there here it is all finished (for now at least, I’m toying with some ideas for a background)

    Palette Creations on FB

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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