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    Wampus Dragon

      I wanted to show the new puppy I will be bringing home in March. She was born this past Tuesday. A miniature Australian Shepherd. I usually get shelter dogs, but for this one I wanted a size specific breed as a companion to my little border collie mix. Since shelter dogs are kind of a mixed bag I wanted to be very specific and I definitely wanted a puppy. Settled on the mini aussie because it was the right size and its a herding dog. I have the most experience with herding dogs more than anything else.

      So here she is! We named her Harley. She’s a red tricolor, these are her newborn pics:

      I love this breeder. She has the healthiest dogs I’ve ever seen at a breeder and she’s cleaner than everyone else Ive seen too. Im glad she’s only about an hour away so I can go visit the puppy once or twice a week until we can take her home. I’m already considering a second pup from her if this one goes well.

      I’ll update with pics as she sends them to me. The next milestone will be eyes opening in 10 days or so. Brandon wants her to have at least one blue eye. I dont care either way.

      We also decided not to dock her tail. Ive always been kinda against cutting off a perfectly good tail. So this girl gets to keep hers!


        So cute! πŸ™‚ It’s awesome you get to visit her as she grows up too! Makes the transition home easier for everyone. πŸ™‚



          Omg she Is SO cute! I really like her markings!!


            So cute! You will have to take more pics when she goes home with you. πŸ™‚


            Her color is gorgeous and i love her markings. Congrats on this wonderful addition to your family.


              Aaaaaaaw! I’m looking forward to seeing progress pics!

              And you’re so right about the breeder – once you find a good one, you stick with him/her. The breeder of our Chinese Hairless Crested had been dubious. Heck, our dog was basically a rescue – from the breeder :~ whereas the breeder of our Italian Greyhounds, I would highly recommend. Beautiful, healthy dogs, no problems whatsoever.

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                squeeee! >.< Congrats, she is a little cutey.


                  Awwww, she is so cute! My cat’s name is Harley too. It’s a good name. πŸ˜‰

                  Glad you decided not to dock her tail also. What a sweety pie she is! Post more pics when you can…


                    Bitty puppy sausage! How precious.

                    I have puppy fever of my own, and have had for nearly a year and a half now. Let me tell you what, it’s going to be an awesome day when I can finally go and get another dog. (the cats are great and all and I love them, little vibrating hot water bags, but they’re not the same thing).

                    I can’t wait to see more pictures!


                      looks like she’ll be beautiful when she grows up…have fun with her when you get her, puppies are so fun!

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                        Oh my goodness! What a sweet lil thing!!! Congratulations!!!! Are you expecting/hoping for blue eyes, or bi-eyes? Beautiful choice on color of coat! So precious! Post more pictures as she grows!


                        OHHH SO WONDERFUL! A tiny squiggly puppy!! Mum used to breed rhodesian ridgebacks when I was tiny so I spent a lot of time in whelping pens. We just got a large munsterlander puppy before Christmas, here’s a pic of him at 10wks

                        He’s 13 weeks on Wednesday and FULL of beans. I think it’s really great that you’re so close to the breeder and that she didn’t mind you coming and seeing the blind pups, the breeder of our pup was so nervous about everything and it really rubbed off on her dogs and on our pup.


                          He’s a cutie . Beautiful dragon . Likes water too .


                            Oh my goodness! What an adorable soon-to-be handful! πŸ™‚ I love the mini Aussies, they’re quite the lil firecrackers! My parents house is run by Icelandic Sheepdogs, I think if they didn’t have them, they would probably have a Mini Aussie… but the Icelandics have stolen our hearts! lol.. I imagine they have much the same personality πŸ™‚ Herding dogs in a whole are great dogs, just busy ones! My 5yr old Dutch Shepherd still acts like a 6 month old puppy, I have yet to meet anything that can truly wear her out! lol

                            Glad to see you found a good breeder! There are so many bad breeders out there, they give the whole scene a bad name! But there are good breeders out there, ‘n most definitely worth the research to find them (I’ve grown up around the dog show world, and still have close connections to it. So I see the good and the bad)

                            Best of luck with the new baby! πŸ™‚


                            So cute!

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