Leopard frog wizard, pg. 4 – blue or orange eyes?

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    I like Barrdwing’s hypothesis!

    Maybe he learned the hard way not to practice spells on himself!


    drag0nfeathers wrote:

    Phoenix! Where have you been! It feels like I haven’t seen you on the forum in forever!

    We’ve been going through a lot at home. Mike’s got a pretty bad infection going and then there’s work and Ditto and the rest of life.
    I’ve been checking in, just not having a ton of time to relax and actually read.
    I’ve got to get the ponies ready for Santa Barbara and it’s harder with Mike out of commission.
    But thanks for asking… Nice to know when I’ve been missed! :bye:


    Barrdwing wrote:

    Orange does work with his color scheme, but I like the blue eyes for a different reason: the wizard’s eye color could have been blue. And now that he’s a frog, the only thing remaining unchanged is his eye color–kind of a clue that he’s a wizard turned into a frog. Eh? Just a thought. 😉

    That’s exactly what I was thinking! 😉

    I think I’ll name him Crispin.

    "He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom."
    -J R R Tolkien


    I was diggin the orange better, but blue will look ok, too.


    I like the blue eyes also.


    I like the orange eyes – I think it gives it an overall warmer/earthy feel, which I like.


    I just gotta say he looks super cute, and I love the markings.

Viewing 7 posts - 91 through 97 (of 97 total)
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