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    What a cute fat puppy!! He’s so cute with the little pudge!! And I love his black arm!! Soooooo cute!!! LMAO I have a jerk puppy!!


    Thanks for the tips, Storm Dancer. “consistency” is a common theme. I appreciate you taking the time. With each person I talk to, I take away a little something different. If anyone wants to talk about their puppy raising experiences, I’m all ears 🙂 Especially with dominance issues. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you don’t want to post.

    Sherry, he’s a total porker when compared to his littermates. There are 3 little black females who are so small and have ribs showing, with much smaller heads, so much so, they almost look like a different breed…he just ran up to one of them, full tilt and plowed her down. It was like a Bugs Bunny scene with the Tazmanian Devil, and he was just pulling puppies into his tornado cloud.

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    He is adorable!

    The biggest thing to dealing with dominant pup/dog is to not allow, from day one, the behaviors you don’t agree with. It is much easier to enforce the rules now than it will be once he is bigger.

    Puppy classes are a good way to get him used to other dogs at a young age and to teach him acceptable manners around other dogs. Then start a basic obedience class as early as possible too. This will start teaching him that even around distractions he still needs to pay attention to you first.

    If he isn’t going to be allowed on the furniture when he is full grown then don’t allow him on it while he is cute and cuddly. You sit on the floor and invite him into your space.

    If he nibbles firmly tell him no and get up and leave, ignore him as long as he isn’t doing something he shouldn’t be, for 15 minutes, then invite him back. As long as he behaves, he gets the attention he wants, bad behavior gets him ignored or put into whatever you deem his time out area.

    Teach him to sit before each meal, with pups this may only last a second or two but It’s a good start and each day you can ask for an extra second or two so he eventually learns sit isn’t just pop your butt on the ground then pop back up.

    If he is rough with your older dog then you need to step in and put YOUR limits of what is allowed or not, you as pack leader, can not leave that completely up to your older dog. You set the rules in the house. Teach him those from day one and you will have a lot less issues later.

    I’ve always had big dominant dogs, so far this has always worked for me. But I am very consistent with what is or is not allowed. Mine are all house dogs so I do understand how hard that can be when they are so dang adorable!

    I hope this helps!

    Indeed.I started lessons from day one with Liberty and she fell right order.Other dogs help with it too though but be strong and understanding.He is a big happy puppy and it is their breed personality to be over the top😄Good luck,careful what you ask for🤣

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Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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