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    Just placed my order for a Pebble Red Fox! Fingers crossed for one I love! I am really hoping for one of the silver-gray fox looking ones. The guy in the exact middle of the Red Fox class photo would be perfect!

    Red fox Store photo:

    Class Photo:



    i got two of both types of foxes.

    Always looking for baby unicorns, a special mother unicorn, and a special curled dragon



    I got 2 of each of these foxes. Can’t wait to see them!!!



    Cool, I goth both 🙂 Is this thread for both arctic and red foxes, or just for reds?

    Keeping an eye out for fantasy gryphons and test paint dragons.

    I kind of assumed both myself haha, but it can be for just the red foxes if there is desire for the Arctics to have their own thread =)

    This one is definitely at least for the Reds, since that’s the only one I bought.

    Gonna put the store photos in the first post real quick



    Okay! Excited for when the class photos come out, so I can circle my favorites…

    Keeping an eye out for fantasy gryphons and test paint dragons.


    Yes those are store photos. I think Melody said she would try and post class photos tomorrow. It would probably be good to have one thread for red foxes and one for arctic for those who only got one style and each would be less pages to go through and look up photos later.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!



    I got a red!! I have no preference except I really like the ones with the cute white blazes on their faces. <3 Otherwise I love them all!

    Check out my finished artwork at and my sketch/studio blog at




    I got a red GB! <3 I hope I like it as much in person – if not, I know I'll like the red ones that come out later, so I'm not worried either way 🙂


    Okay, someone else can make the arctic fox thread then =)

    Circled my favorites ^.^ Pretty much any gray-fox like coloration I love, and there were lots of them so hopefully I get one



    I keep pointing at the screen going “I like that one.. and that one and that one!” XD I should make a faves list… so tired tonight, long day and a lil stressful hoping to get foxes while ordering from my phone, lol!
    I’ve been tempted to snag an arctic too, but it would cut me so close on my funds right now…
    I just feel like since I have GB wolves, GB Fennecs and ordered GB Red Foxes, that I should have at least one GB Arctic to go with the group! lol…



    I’m so happy about the latest pebble fox grabbags! There are so many fantastic colours. I could be happy with almost anything but I went through and circled a few top favourites.

    I love those dark reddy brown foxes, the cross foxes, black foxes and the silver fox colourations.

     photo PG1_zpsde29328a.png

     photo PG2_zpsd46bfc5d.png



    Thanks to some forum friends buying some Windstones of mine I actually had enough left to get a red fox and an arctic which I am excited about since I missed the grab bag fennecs! Foxes are special to me because I use to do pen and ink drawings and they were the first animals I ever drew. My art teacher told me I had a real talent with pen and ink which surprised me. I haven’t done more drawings in years but should sometime. Anyway my favourites are all the foxes with white, tan and red colours. I basically would be happy with anything that isn’t grey or black. I will be happy when the actual red coloured ones come out too!

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!



    trying not to pick any favorites for the moment, just going to be stalking the mailbox when the day comes….

    Sitting Cat found! SOON! OMG YEY!



    These are some of my favourites (unless I change my mind once photos start appearing).

     photo GBRFcopy_zps555a9574.jpg

    I like most of the batch though and would be happy with many of them 🙂

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