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      I like a ton of these, but these two really stuck out to me! The red eyes are my faves, but the ones in green with red legs matches my standing Kir-rin fantasy GB. Please consider me for trades if you get one of them and it isn’t your favorite. I will also be interested in other red eyed fellas. These were definitely pricey, but I love how detailed they are.

      I may take you up on that if I get the green one.

      The one I am hoping for is the one to the right of the one Rylorian has circled. I think it will look nice with the sunspot kirins I have. I am happy to have any of them though, and there are many beautiful ones up there.


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        I thought these might be $130 so I am quite shocked at the price. As much as I would love to get one I don’t know if I can justify the price. Ahhh it’s killing me! Even if they were the baby uni price I still would have considered that high. But at this price to risk not getting one you like and then trying to trade or resell, what if there aren’t enough bought to trade for and what if no one will pay that price if you need to resell?

        Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


          Very Pretty, Very Tempting, But I can’t at over $200. I’m sad 🙁

          I’ll live vacarously through you guys as well. Congrats to those who get one!

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            After several minutes of debate, I went ahead and got one (My first sitting kirin!). I’m quite nervous; this will be the most pricey grab bag I’ve ever participated in. I hope beyond hope I get a really colorful one. I went ahead and took the risk since there seemed to be many more that I liked versus disliked. I may bawl my eyes out though if I end up with a regular colored koi one (I’m not a fan of the overly natural ones). I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed! I hope that everyone else who decided to go for one gets one they love as well! 🙂

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              This little guy right here is my grail. I absolutely adore this one! <3

              .*ºSearching for Spectrals and Rising Spectrals in all patterns and colors!º*.


                Sometimes it is better to wait and buy or trade after they start showing up in the Classifieds. I’ve done that for a couple of grab bags that I wasn’t sure about.


                  Well I caved and got one only because I sold something else but my mom and friends who wanted one can’t afford them which is unfortunate. I am just worried that if they don’t sell out our chances might be slim to get one we want or trade for one we want. I would love to get a rainbow one or something with pink as usual with grab bags. I may even consider putting up one or two of my special ebay baby Kirins for trade.

                  Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


                    I never complain about price and I know they are worth it but to not know what one I’m gonna get for the price… I gotta skip them this time around… poop

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                      It’s a rough call to make. I know Melody didn’t think the batch could be divided but I wish it had (or had been smaller) to at least increase the chances of getting a likeable piece. I personally am not overly fond of most of the natural/koi ones and, comparably, the more outlandish ones seem to be smaller in number so it really would be a high-risk gamble.

                      Ah well, se la vie. Good luck to everyone!


                        See, I’m much more a fan of the koi ones (though I’d love a koi pattern in fantasy colors!) so if I got a crazy one I’d definitely sell/trade.


                          I got one, and I’m hoping for a more colorful one. There are quite a few in the last photo in particular that look very pretty.


                            Aaaaaaaaand, you guys are horrible. I had decided last night after seeing the price that there was no way this could be done. We’ve got a family reunion/trip that I need to buy 4 tickets for for March. I haven’t done my taxes yet, payday is next Friday….yadda yadda…… So after reading the forums this morning I applied for Paypal credit because there are so many of these that are so lovely!!!!!!! Sigh….I’ll shoot myself later. 😛

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                              I was surprised at the price, but bought one anyway. After seeing the amount of detail painting, the cost seems worth it. Melody did an outstanding job on these, as usual.

                              There’s LOTS that I would like to receive, but my favs are the blue stripped ones, purples and a few of the real bright koi ones too. Open to trading, if anyone should get one of those and not be happy with her.

                              Can’t wait to see these guys, when they start showing up.


                                Haha! Having six months to pay for something helps me out a lot. I can see the logic of waiting for some to hit the classifieds and trying to buy or trade for one, but I notice many times folks only want to trade for something from the same batch. Fingers crossed we all get one we love!


                                  I took a deep breath at the price. Then I remembered all the sitting koi-rins (in the “special” section) that I passed up… I don’t have much luck at GBs, but I never seem to give up hope. (The one that’s gotten my attention most is in that first posted pic–not the class photo, the other one–the pink one front and center.)

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