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    Savings? What’s savings?😁

    "Perhaps we should all be examining what we think we know."D.Stormborn
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    Savings? What’s savings?😁

    Think back to before you found Windstone. Remember the money that you used to have in the bank? That’s savings. 🙂 Now we call it money for the next grab bag.


    Wisker hunter west, if my selection was as structured and strategic as yours, i might actually be able to save. Me: Oh that’s nice! Buy it 😉

    Wanted: "Dragon Fruit" Male Dragon ~ "Fire Berry", "Paradise", "Dragon Fruit", "Tie Dye" ~ The brighter, the better!


    Ugh RULES! I made some of those for myself…
    Rule #1 No buying gypsum on credit!

    Rule #2 No Grab bags if they cost more than $200… you have to hand pick it from the classifieds (200 usd is 260-275 for me)…. unless you like the whole class and would be happy with anything you get.

    Rule #3 Stop hoarding your favourite sculpts just because you like the sculpt ( be in love with the colour too)

    I’ve done the same – my rules of Windstone buys are exactly the same as yours! I love using cash to get Visa Gift cards to get my Windstone fixes… I do have one additional rule I *try* to keep to due to my lack of display space – if you get one (or two) more, you need to sell or gift a current one from the collection.

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    "Perhaps we should all be examining what we think we know."D.Stormborn
    (Wanted:safari young & baby unicorns.)


    I sort of have a “hierarchy of needs” that determines how badly I want a piece. In rough order of what makes me “need” it:

    (1) Love the Sculpt + Love the Color + Included Significant Meaning – ex. Prismatic Spring dragons & memories of family visits to Yellowstone
    (2) Sculpt + Color match my main “Family” – my first Windstones were gifts, Western dragons in Rainbow & Emerald Peacock, and I’ve been trying to build a complete “blended” family around those pieces now that I can afford to buy my own
    (3) Adore the Sculpt + Love the Color – ex. all the Pebbles in Silver Rainbow Sparkle! and the Leaf Cat Sconce, and Blue Morpho…
    (4) Love the Color + Meh on the Sculpt – why I don’t have any hoofers yet, but holey moley some of those grab bags are *so* tempting…
    (5) Love the Sculpt + Meh on the Color – why I don’t have any Orientals other than the Cool batch Young Ori GB

    …Huh, I’d never sat down and made a priority list before. I guess now I know why my Windstone budget keeps going off the rails, when I’m supposed to be concentrating on the “Family” pieces. I’m supposed to be saving up for an Emperor, and then new GBs and LPs that land in category (1) or (3) come out…

    Oh, this is so cool! I wonder what everyone else’s “priority list” would look like?

    I’ve never tried to lay mine out in words, but I’ll try:

    (1) Sculpt + Color Matches One of My Color Subcollections
    (1a) The basic priority here is for new sculpts: a new sculpt in the Western dragon family must be acquired in White, as long as I don’t strongly dislike it; for blended groups, acquiring a sculpt I don’t have takes priority over acquiring a new color on a ‘repeat’ sculpt. (Example: my top priority for the Oriental collection is a Moon Ori in any color that blends with the group, while second priority is a Peacock Sitting Ori, because I have 0 Moons and 1 Sitting in the Oriental subcollection.)
    (1b) For me this category automatically includes “with significant meaning,” because my White dragon family is the foundation of my Windstone experience. For months I saved up money till I could buy the White Mother at Glass Menagerie, back when there were only six Western Dragon sculpts available. I could have saved less and bought the Young instead, but no – I wanted my first piece to be BIG and worthy of all that anticipation. 🙂
    (2) Adore the Sculpt + Love the Color
    This is where the congas come in. 🙂 If it’s a favorite sculpt, I want one in every color that I like! I’ll happily skip over colors I don’t like, even if I love the sculpt, and stick with the ones that I think are the most beautiful.
    (3) Love the Sculpt + Meh on the Color
    For me this one will come down to “does it fit into a subcollection or ‘partner’ with another piece I own?’ Otherwise I’m going to pass, because there will always be another color option eventually.
    (4) Love the Color + Meh on the Sculpt
    (4a)This one is the hardest to resist! I’m trying not to add any more subcollections, so mostly I just sit on my hands to avoid “accidentally” ordering it and tell myself I’ll wait till the color comes out on a different sculpt. There have been several failures, though – I couldn’t resist color shift when it came out, and two color shift Cougars arrived to induct me into Cougar conga-ing <i>and</i> into Pebble collecting!
    (4b)There’s one exception to my “pass on this” response, which is ‘meh’ sculpts that match my biggest color subcollection. I have several ‘meh’ sculpts in White because they’re part of the family, when I would never buy them in any other color.

    Everyone else, how do you prioritize your acquisitions?

    Interested in buying or trading for: GB Pebble Sitting Red Fox in grey, Lap Dragon Test Paints (Pearl Steel Blue, Opulence, Pastel Rainbow, others), production Lap Dragons with minor to moderate damage, and Griffins in Black Rainbow or Frosted Jade.


    I don’t.heeheehee If I have a way and I want it….done.☺️
    I would turn loose of any of mine,with a few exceptions.I try not to get overly attached.

    "Perhaps we should all be examining what we think we know."D.Stormborn
    (Wanted:safari young & baby unicorns.)


    I have a couple rules for buying too. I don’t use a credit card, just a pre-paid card, debit and PayPal so I can’t spend money I don’t have. So my rules are I must have the money on a card or in PayPal before buying. This means if I’m saving up for something I might work a trade show or do extra dog walking or list more stuff to sell to make the money. So if I sell something or am getting payments then I have extra money for the next thing.

    I usually like to have an even number of each piece so if I have extras or an uneven number I will usually sell or trade a piece or buy another one to even out the numbers if I have room. But if I don’t have room I list things to make room for new pieces. That or I buy a new cabinet to make room for more pieces. I started with one cabinet and now I have 5 so you can see how well that worked. Haha.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!

    Aphelia Nevermore

    My collection is a bit small so far, but I do have a few rules when considering a new addition:
    1) Does the color scheme bring you joy to look at?
    2) Would the sculpture itself have a distinct, intriguing form in dim lighting?
    3) Do the colors and/or sculpt go well with other members of the collection, and the general themes of the group?
    4) Would I deeply regret not adding this piece to my collection?
    Basically, I try to only go for the ones that evoke an immediate emotional response- something akin to the feeling when you see a kitten or a puppy, and ya just REALLY want to pet and hold it. A cuteness factor, if you will.

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