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    So my last couple of acquisitions totally took me by surprise. I hooked up trades with a couple of awesome collectors who offered pieces in the colours I love, but on sculpts that I don’t collect. Actually, they were scuplts that I wouldn’t normally look twice at….never even paid attention to the show off thread when its a GB!!

    Loving both the colour and the sculpt is a no-brainer, but have you ever fallen in love with a Windstone just because of its colour? Or collected something because you like the sculpt so much that you dont care about its colour??

    My first ever GBYU is on his way to me, and I am very excited!

    Wanted: "Dragon Fruit" Male Dragon ~ "Fire Berry", "Paradise", "Dragon Fruit", "Tie Dye" ~ The brighter, the better!


    Oh, I have bought several Windstones of sculpts I didn’t care for because of the color or design. That is how I started on poads. They didn’t interest me at all – until the peacock feather test paint poad appeared on ebay (second-hand). Poads make great canvases, and they eventually grew on me. I have lots now.
    I have four (I think) GB young unicorns bought for their designs. I still don’t collect them, unless the design is special. I also have one (1) oriental dragon – Toffee test paint #1 Oriental Sun – bought purely for the color.
    I can’t imagine buying a sculpt I like if I don’t like the color/design. It will eventually come out in a color I like. I first started collecting in 1990, when the dragon colors were Green, Brown, and Peacock. Yecch on all three in my eyes. I didn’t buy a Windstone dragon until Emerald was introduced.

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    I have a Young Dragon for no reason other than liking the “Paradise” colour scheme

    Wanted: "Dragon Fruit" Male Dragon ~ "Fire Berry", "Paradise", "Dragon Fruit", "Tie Dye" ~ The brighter, the better!


    Some colors look great on some sculptures and not so much on others but I can’t recall purchasing anything I didn’t like.I wish I still had them all.Many sculptures surprise you.They don’t look so great in photos but when you get them you are pleasantly surprised or vice-versa. Just never know I guess.

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    (Wanted:safari young & baby unicorns.)


    Both, but generally – if I love the sculpt, I’m more likely to love a wide variety of color schemes on it. If I’m not crazy about the sculpt I will likely be super picky about the color scheme and only be into it if it fits a specific color scheme I collect.

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    For me it’s always the color scheme or the design painted on it. I’ll collect any sculpt as long as I love the pattern painted on it. There are certain sculpts I just don’t care for but give me a paint job I love and I’ll take it anyway. 🙂


    Sculpt is what I go for. If a color i absolutely love is on a sculpt I don’t collect, I’ll pass on it.


    I don’t get sculpts I don’t care for much, even if I love the paintjob. Some of the GB unis have absolutely amazing paintjobs, but I don’t collect unis. However, I don’t get a sculpt I like if it hasn’t also appeared in a color I like. I’d love to introduce a Hearth dragon to my collection, but she hadn’t appeared in a color i liked until the recent Woodland LP release which I missed.

    GardenNinja, I’m with you on the Poads. When they were released, I was all ahhhhhh no. Despite some glorious paintjobs, I didn’t get any until I ended up with a small clutter of bean poads. I quite like the little buggers! Then I won one of the member PIF raffles, in which part of the prize was a tadpoad. My mother has long expressed interest in Poads, and I got the tadpoad for her. Silly thing grew on me though, so now I have another tadpoad of my own and wish I’d gotten a butternut or burnt sugar, even zeppard or cuttlefish when they were available. Maybe someday I’ll find one.


    I’m all about colour. I’ll collect pretty much anything if I like the colour and design. I started off just collecting dragons and unicorns. I liked the dragons when I saw the peacock and rainbow colours and had to have them! I liked unicorns already but then when I saw all the fantasy and safari ones come out I needed to have them! I wasn’t sure if I like poads either until a grab bag came out. I decided to get one to try and trade for a unicorn but then I started liking all the colours and patterns on poads and decided to collect them. Now my Kickstarter poads are some of my favourite pieces!

    The more grab bags came out in colours and patterns I liked, the more I collected. I started collecting pegasus, griffins, kirins and other dragons and then the pebbles came out and I started collecting a bunch of those. I don’t collect many big pieces, curled dragons or Oriental dragons but when the grab bag Oris came out I decided to get a couple because of the colours. I got a couple really pretty pink ones!

    The colours I mostly try to avoid are red, orange, brown and dark colours but I like rainbow and Autumn leaf colours in a combination of colours. I mostly like pastel or jewel tones in the dragons. My darkest ones would be peacock and blue morpho. My favourite ones are rainbow and pastel rainbow. 🌈

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    Thanks for sharing guys. It’s interesting to me, what tests must be passed in order for the Windstone to gain passage into your collection!! I continue to surprise myself 🙂 artistic tastes change CONSTANTLY!!

    Same goes with the Windstones I have come to trade or sell. More than once, i’ve had to give my head a shake. In 2012, i did not love it….in 2018 i am kicking myself for giving it up! I know trader’s and seller’s remorse is a thing that was probably inventented at the factory for all of us to experience at least once…but i need to make new rules for myself. I think I am going to try and hang on to trade bait for at least a year….I said I would TRY 😉 lol!

    Have you even wondered what on earth possessed you to trade something so awesome?!? Sometimes they come back…most times, they’re gone forever. I certainly have. I went through a phase where i only wanted natural unicorns and traded all my fanta-corns for different sculpts. That was a mistake! Lol!!!

    Wanted: "Dragon Fruit" Male Dragon ~ "Fire Berry", "Paradise", "Dragon Fruit", "Tie Dye" ~ The brighter, the better!


    When I part with one it is usually out of necessity.Some are trades.I always regret having to let one go.It really chaps me when I sell one with a promise to be able to buy it back and then get ghosted when I try but that is the nature of the game.🙄

    "Perhaps we should all be examining what we think we know."D.Stormborn
    (Wanted:safari young & baby unicorns.)


    I tend to like and collect those sculpts and color schemes that ‘move’ me at the time. For example, I LOVE the Autumn Leaf color schemes because Fall is my favorite time of year and colored leaves are spectacular – especially with all the variety of browns, reds, yellows and oranges! Mother Nature is the Ultimate Artist this time of year. So almost any of the sculpts I love in Autumn Leaf.

    Size is a big factor too – I don’t have much display space, so the smaller sculpts are more collectable than the larger ones. I’ve also thought I would like some sculpts but after I received them, they just didn’t do anything for me – even if they were in colors I loved. The Oriental Dragon sculpts are an example of this…. I’ve had the Baby Oriental in Violet Flame, a color I really like, but ended up selling it. And also a Blue Morpho Moon Dragon, which I liked the best of the Orientals, and it just didn’t make it out of its box… she’s going to her new home this week. There are also some sculpts I just don’t seem to like at all – like the Fledgie – even though for a while I did like the Baby Dragon which is similar to the Fledgie. Go figure!

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    I read your post and laughed! The short answer for me is yes and no to both questions.

    There are some sculpts – scratchers, emperors, and rising spectrals that I wouldn’t look at twice, no matter what the colour.

    Others, like baby KiRins and lady cats that have taken over my shelves.

    I don’t collect orientals, but have a few (most recently a violet flame moon) that I got because of the colour.

    Soooo…. mostly, though, it’s the sculpt that draws me.

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    I love the sculpt for the Sitting Oriental Dragon. I will buy that sculpt in any color.

    I love the GB Fantasy Cougar colors and I have a ton of them now.

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    sculpt usually, if I don’t like the sculpt, I won’t be buying any…example: poads, I just can’t get into them, I’ve tried buying a few but I always end up selling them….

    as far as color, I’m not big on bright colors but animal prints and shiny tend to catch my eye….

    Sitting Cat found! SOON!!!!! OMG YEY!

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