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    When you wait in anticipation all week just to have the website break, and then your phone nearly vibrate off your desk from the notification system breaking and sending me 290 emails… šŸ˜‰

    I hadn’t seen a thread started so here goes, with fingers crossed in anticipation!

    And now to catch up on much needed sleep…


    I got one! Was this the longest takedown caused by GBs yet?

    Who needs 4Chan when we can just DDoS ourselves O_o


    After all that drama the kirins had better be AMAZING! šŸ˜€ Or maybe the amazing part is that so many of us stayed around through the glitches! All the kirins were in carts when I finally got through, but one hopped out soon afterwards so I’m happy.


    I got 96 emails about the kirins but I’ll be sitting this one out again…..

    Sitting Cat found! SOON!!!!! OMG YEY!


    I can’t wait to see all the color variations! I went ahead and splurged on one. Now here’s hoping for a blue/green overall colored one!

    Love baby kirins, safari poads, mini keepers, and anything BLUE, BLUE, and, oh yes, BLUE.


    Been waiting and checking for the past few days for these little beauties and was overjoyed to have snagged one when the site went back up. These little guys went quick even after such a long wait with the downtime. cx

    Can’t wait to see which one I got myself. Hoping for one of those adorable little spotties, but I think I will be happy regardless of which one I receive. Love the kirins and dragons on here to bits~

    Mercury Star

    A few managed to fall out of carts a little while ago, and I managed to snag one! *happy dance* I didn’t order any extra critters this time around, trying to behave myself, though it was hard not to throw in a flap cat, color-shift wolf, or Poad.


    I had one in my cart and was checking out just waiting for the page to go to PayPal when the site went down. Then got 107 emails about them. I am sooo happy I was able to grab one when it jumped out of a cart once the site came back up! I can’t wait to see them all when they start to arrive at their new homes!

    Looking for:


    šŸ™‚ I managed to snag a kirin when the site went back up. I was pretty surprised. I was even lucky enough to put the last red/gold wolf in my cart. But then I decided to behave and let him go. I hope he made someone’s day!

    I’m super curious about which kirin I’ll get though! I was forced to pass on the last baby kirin GB even after some stragglers were offered up later to those who missed the initial release. If I’m not absolutely in love I might sell to raise funds for an eBay piece. šŸ™‚ We shall see. They’re super cute, so it’ll be difficult to decide!


    Can anyone that has ordered to Canada tell me if you end up paying extra charges from these coming across the border?


    Woo! I got one too! I am most excited about the white based ones with the colored spots .. so if anyone gets one of those and doesn’t love it, please think of me! ^^

    These are my favorites. Oddly, it’s pretty much the opposite of my Peg wants XD Something about these kirins just makes the whiter schemes look beautiful <3

    Also, I am going to use this thread to post something that you may see in future grab bag threads more often – after some lengthy discussion on Facebook it seemed like it could benefit us all to be reminded of this when grab bag batches come out, so I am going to try to make a point of posting it in all of the new grab bag threads. I know it does not apply to grab bags alone, but that certainly seems to be where most of the trading comes into play, and I want all of our forum members, new or not, to be well informed šŸ™‚

    A friendly reminder to new members and veteran members alike!

    Please participate in our user generated Feedback list! Be aware of your potential trading/buying/selling partner( s ) feedback before entering into a transaction with them! As always, please take the information contained within with a grain of salt – just because someone has excellent feedback doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to be a great trading partner. This list does however express the experiences of many forum members and has benefited many forum members. Please remember to send feedback in as well, so the list continues to grow and stays current and accurate.

    It is vitally important to stress that this list is user-generated and user-hosted. It does not reflect upon the opinions of anyone at Windstone Editions. It is unofficial and must not be mistaken as a Windstone Editions endorsed list.

    You can check out the feedback list by clicking here!

    Commission spots are open! Please message me for details.

    Please visit Cuddly Clay to see my art and PYO's that I've done in the past!


    Hurry! There are only TWO left in stock now! šŸ˜€
    Edit: Now there are Nine …. stock must be popping out of carts….

    I’m not getting one this time, but I’ll happily see what everyone else gets! I’m still debating over the last Green/Purple Color Shift Wolfie….. :love:

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    These babies are making me crazy, I had one in my cart – I let it time out. 10 minutes ago I put another one in my cart and 5 minutes later removed it. I just put another in my cart and am trying to decide. I want one, but I am trying to be responsible. ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

    EDITED: I’m weak…….. :~


    I got 96 emails about the kirins but I’ll be sitting this one out again…..

    lol! I got about 10 I think? At least this way if I miss new stuff, it’s my fault. :p

    Sitting this one out as well. Still, can’t wait to see what these guys look like!


    MelodiousMimi, it depends as customs fees are random so sometimes we get charged on boxes and sometimes we don’t. I have been charged mostly on larger or higher value boxes if something is maybe a couple pieces or over $200. I usually don’t get charged on small boxes or single pieces but again customs picks boxes randomly to charge so not all of them are charged fees. The fees I have been charged though are usually around 9-10% of the value but we pay Can. dollars. So say you get something marked $200 US, if they catch it you might pay about $18-$20 Can. I got a box in before marked $400 and had to pay $38 in customs fees. That sucked since I already paid over $50 for shipping (for 4 pieces). I just hope the dollar goes back up!

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!

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