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      I hope someone can tell you what’s going on, and how to handle it.

      Part of my worry and frustration comes from the ‘blow off’ attitude your dentist seems to be giving you. I’d feel better if someone would take this seriously.

      Hopefully this upcoming phone call will help!


        I’m happening onto this thread a little late, but yikes, TF! 😯 I am really glad that you called your doctor. The anesthetic should have left your system completely within 24 hours at most. With all respect to your dentist, and I’m sure he knows exactly what he’s doing, but every patient is different in their response to drugs and this drug clearly is not a good one for you. Your body seems to be having a terrible time getting rid of the residual anesthetic. While that may be nothing more than your body having a different balance of liver enzymes than the average person, it could also be a sign that your liver is being harmed by the drug. We don’t know right now, but your doctor is the person to find out.

        If for some reason the partner MD doesn’t call you back within the hour, get back on the phone and call them again. Call them as many times as you have to to get them to call back. And if they say “just wait it out,” I’d question them: I think you should go in and be checked over in person. They need to take you seriously. I know it’s hard to be aggressive when you’re feeling loopy, but it’s really important that the doctor check you over now and make sure that there isn’t something dangerous going on. They should also make a note in your file to never, ever give you drugs in this family; the dentist should do the same.

        Good luck, and please keep us posted!


        I hope things get better. I have been under three times, and I have only been “loopy” once. (but that was because of the morphine they gave me) So good luck, and I hope you get better. πŸ˜€


          That’s quite scary. I hope you’re able to get through to a doctor today and get some straight answers. πŸ™


            well, thank you for all the support and info guys i really appreciate it! <3 <3 through some of the most confusing moments of this i was alone here, but you guys really gave me some company and kept me from getting too upset or hopeless. thank you!!!
            so the scoop…it took quite a while for the on call dr to call me back,but he was like, “what the HELL is wrong with your dentist to tell you to just lay there and wait to get better? what is going on with you is clearly not normal and someone should check u out.” he recommended to either go to the er or see my regular dr first thing in the morning…we gave a buzz to the er but they the were an awful bunch of doofuseses, so rather than pay thru the nose for bad care or get given something that could make me worse, and since i was gradually feeling better not worse, we stuck it out til first thing in the morning and saw my regular dr. immediately. she felt, like the dentist, that i just had a bad reaction to everything and it was taking a long time for everythings’ ill effects to get out of my system, but that it definitely wasn’t normal. since my system was already in freekout mode with not liking anything i was given, she was concerned that anything she gave me would possibly make things worse and have a strange reaction to that as well. she gave me the same instructions, go rest and drink like crazy to flush it out of you. she also made note of all the meds in my file and to most likely avoid them all.we took some blood too to check my thyroid function just in case that had something to do with the filtering/dizziness issue. so i can say now at least that i was seen by someone and she checked out a bunch of stuff on me and could see no clear signs of anything major being wrong. it does bring some relief, but only so much as she is by no means a super dr. :S she also said if i still am dizzy, etc. after a week or more that she will refer me to a neurologist….hmmm
            i must say i could like her alot more.. she doesn’t listen well and is very impulsive so i will definitely be looking for a new general dr… one funny thing is that she said is that there is absolutely positively no antidote injection for versed!!! what?! um, ok she got right in my face hooting and said there was no such thing! i guess she hasn’t seen this, lol:
            i know this is just wiki, so i’ll find an official med site or the fda sheet or whatever and send it to her.lol. we are still going to get in contact with other family friends/peeps we know who have good medical knowledge to see what they may have to say on this, but for now i am gradually and slowly feeling better. i’m going to go to work tomorrow and just take it real easy….i talked to my boss and they are gonna keep an eye on me and keep me in the back as best as possible so i don’t have to deal with the public much. just taking it one day at a time here…thank you all for your support and information!! really! you are truly a wise and supportive bunch!! i wish my dr was as smart and experienced as you guys!! i am so beat, so time to stagger to bed!


              Good to hear you’re feeling better. That can be really scary. I react horribly to percocet. Makes me highly paranoid 😯 😯 😯 makes life really fun for the family when mum is not herself πŸ™„ 😳 😳 (poor family) Hopefully everything is out of you system soon and you’ll be back among the living. Quite the scare you gave us…



              I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better and I hope that your mind is more clear. As an aside, any kind of tea steeped with the herb Rosemary is a good way to clear that foggy feeling from your head. My thoughts were definately on you while I was undergoing my own root canal this week. πŸ˜†

              Hopefully the tests will show that all is within the norm, whatever that is these days. πŸ˜‰


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