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      Try not to feel bad as accidents happen. At least it was just a little chip on the ear that can be fixed. I have a gb fantasy baby unicorn that got knocked off my dresser by my cat and slid down between that and the night table into a crevice. I couldn’t find it at first when I went in room and realized it wasn’t on the dresser and freaked out. When I realized where it was, I thought it would be destroyed but by luck it only had it’s ear chipped and light rub marks from sliding. I was so upset at first but realized at least it wasn’t completely broken or damaged worse. I ended up sending it to Kyrin to get repaired along with some other pieces so hopefully it will be good as new after.

      Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


        I personally find it very interesting and educational. I’d never even heard of merle before the Windstone reference. Thanks!


          I was hoping to put him up for trade, but right after taking pictures I accidentally jostled my desk and he toppled over (AHHHHHH! Curse my bust!) and now has a tiny chip off the paint on his left ear. It’s something I can easily fix once I find the right adhesive, but I guess I will be keeping him now. Gotta think of a name!

          Did you ever read Walter Farley’s “The Blood Bay Colt” when you were a kid? The colt’s name was Bonfire and I always loved that name…maybe it would fit your colt? ๐Ÿ™‚


            Did anyone ever find out who got any of the roans? Or if there is more pics of them? So sad to not see more of those lil guys!

            Btw, I LOVE that blood bay lil guy, hopefully the chip will be an easy fix!

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              Here is my little guy. The detail on this feller is amazing! I’m not a fan of his pattern myself but his is still very pretty.

               photo IMG_5343_zps0aff3da8.jpg

               photo IMG_5345_zps64087dfc.jpg

               photo IMG_5346_zpsdc01232b.jpg

               photo IMG_5344_zpsabc5b5c2.jpg

               photo IMG_5347_zpsc2c70fd9.jpg


                I don’t think this colt has been posted before so I will share some more pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

                I just received this flaxen liver chestnut and he is amazing! His gems are green, my camera phone doesn’t capture them well at all.
                Love the colt sculpture!

                 photo 1_zpse115d98e.jpg  photo 2_zps017e03e7.jpg

                 photo 3_zpse785b44a.jpg  photo 4_zps7c9e9a41.jpg

                 photo 6_zpsa3f98a57.jpg


                  Beautiful colt! He would be a welcome addition to any collection.
                  I really am growing to love this sculpt. My “lil ‘Pache” (see Bodine’s first colt’s pictures) sits right by my bed and I gaze it at all the time…he makes me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚


                    I have to part with a few pieces so this one is available on Ebay.I love it but have to make some tough choices.
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                      Sorry this is so late, but Photobucket is cooperating today and I’m sorting so here’s my colt:

                      Thanks for looking. ๐Ÿ™‚

                      -- Angie


                        Very pretty. Thanks for letting us see him. ๐Ÿ™‚


                          Here is the little dapple grey colt I received. His center gem is amethyst and the side gems are light purple.

                           photo gbcolt_dapplegrey_rightside.jpg
                           photo gbcolt_dapplegrey_leftside.jpg
                           photo gbcolt_dapplegrey_front.jpg
                           photo gbcolt_dapplegrey_back.jpg
                           photo gbcolt_dapplegrey_face.jpg

                          This little fellow I bought secondhand:
                           photo gbcolt_chestnutbaypinto_rightside.jpg
                           photo gbcolt_chestnutbaypinto_leftside.jpg
                           photo gbcolt_chestnutbaypinto_front.jpg
                           photo gbcolt_chestnutbaypinto_back.jpg

                          A cute little heart on his flank!
                           photo gbcolt_chestnutbaypinto_flankheart.jpg
                           photo gbcolt_chestnutbaypinto_face.jpg


                            Adorable colts Siberakh!
                            I especially love the colours on the second one ๐Ÿ™‚

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