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Windstone photos

I haven’t had time to write about whats going on in the Windstone factory lately!
We have been working hard to re-learn everything from casting to paint color mixing. It is very frustrating work.
I took some photos of our three long-suffering painters. These people deserve a round of applause for putting up with everything!
Winnie is the newest painter. She has turned out to be great at hand painting the most difficult-to-paint dragons, which are the hatching ones!

Jordon is perfecting the Amethyst color and is constantly improving on my original color scheme.His Amethyst dragons are brighter and more detailed than mine were! (Note the fuzzy earring)

Sean has learned the incredibly difficult and frustrating job of antiquing the stone finish things. This sounds like it would be so easy, but antiquing a gypsum casting with unpredictable density and getting a uniform color on these pieces is really a challenge to one’s sanity.

We have got a great crew!

9 thoughts on “Windstone photos

  1. Wow! Congrats to all three of them! That OW looks magnificent!

  2. what a great job to go in to every day! and what a great job they’re doing.

  3. Wow, I’m loving that OW, and I’m not even a big fan of the Amethyst colour.

  4. It’s nice to put faces behind these beautiful creations. I admit, based on the photos, I didn’t like the amythest line. But seeing the old warrior in the hands of Jordon, I might be convinced to like it more. The color combination looks so much more approachable. Maybe it’s his work, but maybe it’s seeing the person behind the paint…

  5. I can testify to the fact of how hard it is to antique the stone finish and get it uniform.. that is sooo hard.. and I had to mix different colors in with the paint and antiquing medium that was sent to me just to match the original color..

    I know I wouldn’t want to do that all day.. lol

  6. I’m with you. Personally if the blue-ish color along the center scale line were toned down I think I could almost learn to love the color as it is on that old warrior.

  7. I toned down the over-saturated purple on the OW in this photo.
    The real ones look nice!

  8. yes, we are going to tone down the blue a bit. It kinda drifted a little “too blue”. This photo was also a bit over-saturated.

  9. How many Painters are there to paint all the pieces?
    Can we see pics of them all? It is nice to put a face to all the awesome detail in these wonderfully painted sculptures.

    Thanks for the pics!

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