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Its really hot here

Its hot. And I had a beer. So I was looking around for a different subject to draw, and decided to draw the toilet tank, because it is pretty cool sitting backwards on the toilet in the bathroom with a beer.
This is part of my life-long effort make myself draw things that I am NOT familiar with, or good at. One of the subjects that fascinates me is water. I still have no idea how to render water with pencil lines in a way that conveys its qualities properly, but I keep thinking about it. A toilet tank is also one of the most complex subjects to draw, it involves perspective, reflection, shadow, refraction, volume, and texture (eww). The water in this tank is still , and crystal clear. The walls of the tank are slimy with soft brown… gunk.. The various items inside are crusted with white salt deposit and the ceramic tank has various textures too. I could spend days rendering its complexities in detail , but it is too darn hot.

5 thoughts on “Its really hot here

  1. that is the best account of art motivation i have heard of yet.

  2. that is THE best moment of inspiration account i have heard of yet.

  3. they even had it on the news here about how hot it is up there.. it’s even hotter than it is here.. and that doesn’t happen too often..

    hopefully it starts cooling down soon

  4. Leave it to you to think of even drawing the inside of the toilet tank! LOL! 😉

  5. Leave it to you to even think of drawing the inside of a toilet tank! LOL 😉

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