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Raffle prize for July!

I have been experimenting with transparent glaze-like finishes for years. They look really great but they always run and make puddles at the bottom of the piece. I managed to get around this problem on this flegeling by holding him in my hand and rotating him until the finish dried.
That won’t work in production, but this guy looks neat! The finish looks just like a clear turquoise celadon glaze, like the real ceramic glazes you might see on Chinese porcelain.He has silver trim. His light blue eyes look grey here because his body color is so intense.
If you would like to win this celadon dragon, email me with your real name, Windstone forum name, and address.
If you have entered before, just email me your forum name and tell me what ‘s new in your life ( optional).
My email is reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com
If you aren’t a forum member and would like to enter, Com’on down!

4 thoughts on “Raffle prize for July!

  1. That is a beautiful color Melody!

  2. What about doing thinner layers and drying each one, give it a light sand and apply another layer.

  3. Painting it in layers makes the glaze effect less transparent. I have tried that; you end up with a more solid colored dragon without the distinctly darker details.

  4. Is the glaze fired? Maybe a thinner layer of glaze fire it and then clear coat it? Just a thought. I am trying. LOL

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