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Time for another really weird blog about art.

So, I was thinking about capital “A” Art again.

I previously had come to the conclusion that the theme and purpose of “Modern Art” is to feel around for the borders that define “Art” in our culture, move them into new territory and by doing so, stretching our brains out a-ways too.
Modern art started when somebody, I think it was Cezanne, decided to treat a painting as a flat image that was made with paint on a board, when he outlined a shadow with a line.
Since then, it has taken more and more outrageous actions to get this reaction from your audience. Modern art, performance art, and conceptual art now confront the challenge of moving the borders.
Art is defined by the artist.
So here is my piece of conceptual art:

I just decided Art can be an idea, with no substance, but I am not going so far as to say it is nothing.
My art piece is the space in front of every person’s face. My art piece is the space that goes from your face to the tips of your out stretched fingers in every direction you can see. From this moment on nobody on the planet can see anything without looking through my piece of art work.

Just below the edge of this area, only visible from the inside, is written copyright M.Pena 2010

3 thoughts on “Time for another really weird blog about art.

  1. I always wondered about that “copyrght M. Pena” in the corner of my vision thing, but I just figured it was ’cause I’m your kid.

  2. No , with you, it is on your butt where no one would notice… but it may of faded out by now…

  3. I look forward to your show, which is now happening… everywhere!

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