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The raffle prize for June 2010

This is “Flat Paws” the raffle prize for June. Like most of our raffle prizes, he is a little bit odd. His name refers to his front feet, which, because his mold was under poured when he was cast, are a bit flatter than other flap cat’s feet. Other than having flat flapcat feet instead of fat flapcat feet, he is a perfectly good, odd eyed, soccer ball colored flapcat. He has little blue and gold metallic spots on his wing feathers, and matching blue and gold jewels set in his collar.

If you would like to have a chance to win Flat Paws, send me an email with your forum name, real name and address with “June 2010 raffle” in the subject line.
( If you have entered these raffles before and haven’t changed your address or anything, just send me your forum name)

My email address is: reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com
If you aren’t yet a Windstone forum member and would like to join, here is a link to the forum:

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