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July Raffle prize

This is “Dance”, the raffle prize for July!
He is a pinto of some kind, is this kind is called Overo -? I think Tobiano is the other kind, with the rounded spots. I can’t keep them straight.
I noticed that he had some almost invisible pin holes in his mane after I had painted him, so instead of being sold, he gets to go home with the lucky winner of this months raffle!

If you would like a chance to win Dance, email me with your forum name and real name and address, with the words “July 2010 raffle ” in the subject line.

If you have entered these raffles before (and are still at the same address), just your forum name is good enough, I know who you are.

If you aren’t a Windstone forum member and would like to participate, you are welcome to join! Here is a link to the forum where you can register:

My email is reptangle-at-gmail-dot-com

One thought on “July Raffle prize

  1. My jaw dropped when i saw him! I am constantly stunned by your work, Melody!

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