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Test paint colors

Here are a couple test paint colors we did this week.
The Oriental Dragon is painted with a distressed, copper patina finish. We textured up the surface to make him look like he was pulled up from a sunken ship. The colors are the same as the Leaf cat sconce, with added gold details on scales that don’t really show well in this photo.. The point of this treatment was to try to find a way to rescue some of the slightly imperfect castings we have around right now. I was thinking if we had a highly textured finish we could put on them, it would mask the tiny pinholes that show up on the the ultra smooth scales. It was just an experiment.
The Fledgling is a blue “sapphire “color I was trying. She is very blue. I think she is pretty, but does this slook too much like peacock?I noticed that the peacock Sun Dragon we have in the office looks allot like this color. The Sun Dragon has the orangie colored dorsal scales with a blue body, kinda like this.

10 thoughts on “Test paint colors

  1. I love that oriental’s coloring!

    I Definately hope you can save all those “bad” castings

  2. I am so in love with that oriental dragon’s coloring it is not even funny! Just wow! I hope you can find a color like that which will work with less-than-perfect molds.

    The fledgling feels a little too garishly-bright blue to me, but that could just be the photo. I like the accent colors.

  3. Love the oriental! Great color for him, The fledgling is cute – just a little bright,

  4. I’m quite intrigued by the oriental’s color. At first I wasn’t sure, but now I’ve grown quite a liking to it.

  5. I love the Oriental — that color is perfect for that particular detailingl, I think. The fledgling is lovely too. I don’t think the blue is too like the peacock. The peacock includes that blue but moves through it towards greens and purples. This one just cheerily flaunts the bright blue. In musical terminology, the peacock color is in a minor key and the blue is a major chord. I like them both.

  6. I have read in a few art books that if at a glance it does not look like something, not to worry, and part of that is because you will catch simalerities better at a glance, but after you stare, you actualy try to find them!(there was a documentary on 60 minutes recently about how this works with tauma victims who try to identify the person that victimized them)

    I do not think it does. The blue has a slight simaler shade, but it did not strike me as peacock. what coloring is on the belly?

  7. I really do like the blue, even though I’m not a huge fan of bright colors. I like it MUCH better than the amethyst color scheme. I don’t know why…blue vs purple, maybe? I really don’t think it looks like peacock, either. Anyway, I am in LOVE with the color scheme on the oriental. I’d like it more if it were detailed more like a living dragon (maybe antiqued to show off the scales, or the color patterned just slightly differently) rather than a statue. Even if it weren’t I’d drool over this in my dreams. I really would like to see this color on an old warrior.

  8. Wow, I love the oriental but the fledge looks peacock.

  9. I love the oriental, but, like Skigod, meh on the fledgie. He does resemble the peacock too much for my liking. Not that I dislike peacock. Just that I’d want something a little more… different.

    But I will drool over the oriental in my dreams…..

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