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This is the raffle prize for September!

This is “Fuchsia”. He is a scratching dragon that is painted in a color very close to the “Violet Flame” color, except he lacks the blue color that the violet flames were antiqued with.
Like most of the raffle prizes I have found, Fuschia is a “rescue” piece. He has some small defects on his chest scales that make him look as if he is on his way to becoming an “old warrior”, but he is still very beautiful.
If you would like to win “Fuchsia”, email me with your forum name, real name and real address, (or if you have entered before , just your forum name is enough ) with the words “September raffle” in the subject line so I can find your entry and keep ’em all together.
It is allot easier for me if you don’t send entries by forum Private message, I always forget to check there. (unless you can’t get through to me by email, then it’s ok!)
My email is Reptangle ( at ) gmail (dot) com.
(I’m trying to figure out how to spell “fuchsia” I keep changing the spelling.)

One thought on “This is the raffle prize for September!

  1. I think he looks absolutely lovely in that coloring!

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