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Cuttle poads

Quickie blog:
Here are some pics of the ornate “cuttle poads” I painted last week. This is a pattern that developed while I was trying to make something cuttlefish-like. They seemed to need those those shield-like markings on their backs in addition to stripes. The shields were derived from the spine markings the Bengal poads have. The little metallic spots resemble the solder spots on circuit boards.

“Poad” is trademarked to me, Melody Pena.
If I write this at the bottom of the page, I don’t have to put that stupid “TM” after the word “poad”

3 thoughts on “Cuttle poads

  1. They’re beautiful! I like the metallic spots and the variety of patterns. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them on eBay. =)

  2. you know, those would look awesome with some multi colored interference lightly sprayed. if done right, it could give an irridescent shine like what most cuttles have and would contrast lovely with the browns of the markings!

    that is an awesome pattern btw. my mom loves the teeny spots.
    I just took some photos of Cuttles that the Monterey Bay Aquarium has.

  3. Those poads are beautiful! <3

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