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      No job is worth being treated like that.Record any harassing behavior,verbally or otherwise.Screenshots,recordings,copies of paperwork esp.with signatures.You just never know where an encounter like that will lead.

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        I’m pretty much speechless at the behavior of so many people in todays society.

        I agree with the others, file a police report because of the threats made. They were so far beyond what is reasonable behavior that you’ve no way of knowing if it was just the miserable entitled attitude so many seem to have now a days or a legitimate threat.

        Personally, I would be sure to call the cops to work to file it as well. I would want my employer to see and to know that you felt threatened and that if they wont back you up, you are willing to do what you have to to stay safe. Let corporate see that it truly was extreme bad behavior that should not be allowed on their premises.

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          Not sure I would file the report at work since they are doing layoffs. It might short list you and cost you your job. I would file the police report though.

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            The saga continues… so the guy came in here right near the end of my shift yesterday and was loitering around my sister department for 45 minutes with the same crew of people who came here in hoodies just staring me down. I called management and they did nothing because he wasn’t in my department and they said he was “just shopping for a fridge” and to remain calm. Of course he didn’t buy anything. Just skulked around pretending to shop for 45 minutes and shooting me dirty looks. This is freaking ridiculous. I finally filed a police report for harassment and the cop called the daughter literally right in front of and she FLIPPED out on the cop. Shouting about how she wanted to know who was filing the report and how she was an attorney and had the right to know. He told her over and over again that it’s private police information and it doesn’t matter if she’s an attorney. He repeated several times that no charges were being filed at this time, but he was calling as a peacekeeper to try and prevent any further incidents that may result in further action against her or her father. She replied that this contractor WAS NOT her dad, and that she was recording their conversation and she was going to report him to his superiors rolled his eyes and said it didn’t matter because everything he told her was true with their policies and to basically cut the crap and just deal with management going forward as any further incident could result in a harassment charge which, if she’s an attorney, could also look bad at her practice. She yelled at the cop for threatening her and she was going to report him and he just said to playback the recording if she didn’t understand what he said. He hung up and exhaled “WOW! I can see why you are having a problem with her, she’s a real peach!” That cop was my hero. It was so nice to hear someone to put her in her place for one moment. Doesn’t sound like she’s ever been told NO in her life.

            So… then today, I find out that management spoke to her earlier because she wanted to discuss the “settlement” she thinks she deserves and she was talking about her contractor and all the extra work he has had to do with electrical and moving walls and how it’s not fair blah blah blah, finally she lets the term “my dad” slip out instead of saying contractor. Instantly my manger catches the little slip and she finally admitted, that well, yes technically he is her dad but that shouldn’t matter. Which means she point blank lied to the cop and had been lying to the managers this whole time about sending her daddy in to harass me.

            I’m not a weak minded person nd I don’t scare too easily, but I have legit had nonstop acid reflux induced anxiety over all this crap. I’m really getting tired of it. My manager walks over to get some information from me and I really keep getting the sense they are taking the customer’s side. I don’t know if they’re just trying to keep her happy, or if they are mad at me for going to police because now “things are complicated and they HAVE to go through management” Good I say.. if they did their job in the first place and took care of situation like they should have then I wouldn’t have had to, but it doesn’t feel like they really care. She’s lied so much and my boss was getting statements from everyone in the department like they were trying to make sure I wasn’t lying. I dunno… I’m not feeling like they have my best interests in this at all. Oh and according to her she has recordings of all of our interactions. *rolls eyes* Good! She practices in RI and the store is in MA, I hope she knows it’s a federal offense to record me without notifying me of it.

            *sigh* I really don’t want to be here today.

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              She’s a horrible attorney if she hasn’t learned anything about who is and who isn’t a two party consent state. 😔. Oh well, at least you have the law on your side; screw your employer. They really suck!


                Keep writing thing down and keep a recorder on you too – or use the record function on your cell phone with ANY communication about this event with the people or your Management too if necessary. You have signed contract when you ordered their stuff, which should be enough for your Management to be on your side.

                And don’t forget to get affidavits for yourself from any fellow co-workers who witness any of these communications to back you up independently of your Management. Just in case Management does turn on you.

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                  Some people think that if they scream loud enough, they can get anything they want for free. Lowe’s should back you up and ban them from the premises of all their stores for harassment.


                    Some one that yells that much probably isn’t a very good–let alone competent–attorney. It’s also a little ridiculous that her father is the one in there complaining and causing trouble, considering that he wasn’t the purchaser (even if he is the installer).

                    Sorry you’re dealing with the dredges of humanity. Yet again. >_<


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