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      I think he’s really cool! I’ll definitely want to paint a few of these cuties!

      I seem to remember that there was another Barong sculpt that was FooPup sized?? I think it’d be great to see more small palm sized PYO’s, they make great lil gifts.

      *Formerly meowmix101
      Not currently open for PYO commissions.


        question, are there any flip flap cats in the works especially the Large Bird-Winged Flip Flap Cat – Lynx Point Siamese I’m wanting? like even just castings are ready? just wondering if I’m going to be able to get the one I’m wishing for anytime soon…..

        No, I don’t see any flip cats out on the carts, there’s a small batch of flaps though.

        awr, that stinks, ask the staff to make some? *makes Puss in boots big eyes face*

        I really want more Flip Flaps too in the Lynx Point… and Albino Male Kirins <3

        Got a busted Windstone?
        *OPEN for repairs*

        Arc-en-ciel Emperor
        Siphlophis Male Dragon
        Calypso Hatching Empress
        Ivory Moss Sitting Baby Kirin
        Tattoo Mother Kirin
        Emerald Tabby Male Griffin
        Tie Dye + Orion Hatching Royalty
        Indigo Rockfish + Flame Tabby Little Rock Dragons
        Dragon Quail + Obsidian Frost Old Warriors
        Betta Sun Dragon + Male Dragon
        Dreamscape, Orion, Poison Dart, Fireberry, Spangler + Tigerberry Dragons

        Linda Watson

          I’m dreaming of a new grab bag – of Male Dragons! They don’t have to be wild and wonderfully detailed with the lovely scroll work and leaves (that I dearly love on my Windstone things), but could be wonderful fantasy swirly colors or even AWD patterns. Dreaming… squeaking… Linda Watson

          Linda Watson Gresham

          Ann Marie

            My dream would be a grab bag of small flap cats — half bird-wing and half bat-wing. Some in natural colors and others in fantasy colors.



              New year, new test paints! This color was posted on January 13 (I think).

              Gina says, “NAME THAT DRAGON is back for the new year! Lots of new test paints to get in the mood for the new year so I’ll slowly roll them out so they each get a little time to shine… and name ideas can recharge 😂
              Give me your name ideas! Next week I’ll make a poll [on Facebook] with my top 10-15 names
              Happy new year! 🥳”



                Posted on January 16:

                Gina says, “Name that dragon! Based on “terracotta” but in blue 😂 I’ll post a poll [on Facebook] in a few days with my top 10-15 (unless one jumps out and grabs me again!)”



                  Also posted on January 16:

                  Gina says, “Name those dragons! Painted these as partners to the new ‘seaglass’ I tried to capture it, but these also have gold/silver colorshift dusted on them and boy! They are luscious.
                  I’ll post a poll [on Facebook] in a few days with my top 10-15 names ❤️”

                  My note – I’m guessing that “Seaglass” is the light blue and green color on the male dragon in post “1667359.



                    I’m loving this color way it looks like a lot like the old Red Fire.


                      There’s a new light blue and white test paint posted over on the Facebook fanclub. Since I’m on mobile I can’t post to Facebook so I’ll put my name suggestion here.

                      I’m suggesting Arctic Ivory for them.:)


                        Yes, there is a new blue and white test paint color. It was posted today (January 18).

                        Gina says, “Last ‘Name That Dragon’ for a bit! And I’ll get the other polls up soon [on Facebook]!
                        All these guys had been destined to match the blue with black, but they were so happy and light and we need a little more brightness in our lives these days so TWO new test paint colors were born.
                        These go along more with the ‘Ivory Moss’ side of the variation color families 😆 hope you enjoy ❤️
                        And a extended family shot of the four new TPs as a bonus.”




                        Ann Marie

                          The new blue and white dragons look awesome! We’ve had a lot of black on dragons with the Twilight series, so this is a nice change.



                            I think the blue & white ones should be called “Blue Mushroom.” 🙂 The pale, creamy undersides of them remind me of a mushroom’s gills beneath the colorful cap!

                            I absolutely adore the ‘blue mushroom’ AND the ‘blue terracotta’ ones, and will definitely be squeaking for production versions of both! I’d buy a Lap in each one, and probably an Old Warrior, too. And griffins as well!

                            Interested in buying or trading for: GB Pebble Sitting Red Fox in dark grey, Lap Dragon Test Paints (Water Sprite, Glacial Pearl, Opulence, Pastel Rainbow, and many others - see my Classifieds ad), Blue Morpho OW, GB Pebble Loaf dragons in blue/aqua/teal, and Griffin Test Paints (Black Rainbow or Frosted Jade).


                              Another “last test paint for a while”, posted on January 20. 🙂

                              Gina says, “Last one for a while I promise! 🤣 name suggestions? Inspired by the primal dragons in the new wow xpac ha.
                              I’ll post a poll soon [on Facebook] with my favorite 5-10 names 😘



                                Some of the recent test paints now have names …

                                Dark blue – Gina says, “Name is nightcrawler!”

                                Light blue – “Name is cirrus!”

                                Red & black – “Name is brimstone!”

                                Reposting this photo for reference:


                                I think the blue/green color is seaglass.

                                Ann Marie

                                  Good names! I love Cirrus for the sky blue and cloud white version.


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