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    I have the full collection of the 1983-86 green-yellow dragons. I am thinking of selling them. But what would be a reasonable asking price? The mother and father have a couple of chips missing but the other three, including the emperor, are in perfect condition.



    Hi, Robyn,

    You’d probably have better luck asking about your set in the What is My Windstone Worth thread!

    Interested in buying or trading for: GB Pebble Sitting Red Fox in grey, Lap Dragon Test Paints (Pearl Steel Blue, Pink Champagne raffle prize, Pastel Rainbow, others), & production Lap Dragons with minor to moderate damage!



    Thanks for the response i will try on that forum.



    So you have the male, mother, hatcher, young and emperor then? Although they’ve been retired for years, only the emperor is uncommon to rare in the secondary market. The others show up quite often. Do your male/ mother/ hatcher have felt pads, or are their bottoms just stamped? The very oldest just have a stamp, and that might help sell them. Otherwise, your damaged male and mother are probably around $25-$50. The hatcher is probably $20-$35 (I’ve had a hatcher for sale for $25 since last summer and no nibbles). The young is probably $35-$75. The emperor is hard to find (and hard to ship safely); having said that there’s been one floating on eBay for a while now at $500. I was surprised to see one last spring stay up for some time at $250. Years ago it would have pushed $1,000. If yours is perfect, I would expect $250-$500 depending on how much blue/purple iridescence it has and how willing the buyer is to trust your packing and shipping. (No slur intended, but the emps are notoriously hard to pack and ship safely. Many people won’t buy one without an original emperor box to ship it in, or unless the seller is known to be an experienced and safe shipper.)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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