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    My other thread was over 25 pages, I’m tired of clicking back and forth to figure out what to put in the headlines for page numbers. 🙄 lol
    Ok, here’s who I have been working on since I finished Dark Phoenix.
    I wanted a Joker themed, but not Batman Griff. I decided the old jokers my Gramma kept around would be a nice reference, then I couldn’t find them. So, I went with a Black and red pattern, sort of a “Jester” style. I alternated the colors back and forth, so it had a checkerboard appearance. He is far from done as most of the white you see besides on the wings themselves and belly will mostly be medium grey with dark Grey antiquing.(Going for a pinstripe pattern as he moves along the line. Sorta like the old Gangsters.)Hoping to come up with a sort of a 3 pc. suit for him. Coat, vest, shirt and cuffs showing sorta thing)
    Once he is finished, he will have alternating suits (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades) shapes on the tips of his wings. I’ve worked on him a little since these pics to try and smooth out the lines and fill in the colors. Once I get all the colors right and am ready to start on the Suit shapes, I will post another set of photos. 🙂

    *sneaks off to paint more*



    What a great idea!!! I can’t wait to see more pics!!! 8)


    The Griffin reminds me of Harley Quinn from the Batman the Animated Series.


    She looks alot like the ancient jokers my Gramma had around. And, yes, he does look alot like her! So, I guess maybe I got a bit of Batman in there after all! XD


    Well, I had to set aside the Card Griffin, as I picked up a swap. 🙂
    This Ki-Rin is for Dragon87. He is what I saw when I looked at an Alexandrite stone. I wanted to put waves of color into his mane. There are actually 7 colors in there. But, I didn’t want a smooth transition between colors, just an overlapping effect. Here are the stones…

    And here are a few pics of him. He being mostly purple, doesn’t photo quite like I wanted, but these are as close as I could come to getting an idea of his purples and teals. He only has a base on his scales, as I have yet to determine what exact color I want for them. I like his red eyes, but have offered to swap the grey ones in my other Ki-Rin if Dragon87 wishes me to do so. 😀 His hooves also are only base coated in black so far, along with his eye rings. I am leaning toward gold for them.

    I still have alot of touch ups to do with the fur portions, but for the most part the whole idea is there. I really wanted something eye grabbing this time. I always sorta felt like I short changed her on the swap since I was having such trouble getting all of the colors she chose, and she said I didn’t have to have all of them on there, but I wanted to get them all on there. But, I hope she likes how he is turning out so far! 😀


    They both look great; I especially love the backside of the Card griffin.


    I love the mane on the kirin. 🙂


    That kirin is very cool 8) . I love the color combination 😉 .


    The joker griffin reminds me of the alice in wonderland card people. That’s what came to my mind first, and I am afraid of that movie 😛 . He looks really neat I can’t wait to see him finished.


    I love the mane, I think it looks great 🙂


    I too really like the mane on the kirin. Nice beginning! 🙂


    😮 😮 😮 😮 He’s looking so great so far!!!! I LOVE this Ki-rin! The mane is so cool 😀

    *is uber excited*

    And the eyes look perfect. I think he’d look strange with the grey eyes now that I see him…. :shrug: They’d stand out too much. The red stands out without overpowering the rest of him. 😀

    *still hasn’t done the last 5 mins of work on the griffin……* 😳 Although it’ll probably get longer.


    Thanks everyone! For some reason I am really starting to like the Ki-RIns I paint. Very few have been obstinate, or have I wished to take back. But lately, they seem to be more on the “I wish I was keeping it.” side. XD

    I don’t think it is exactly what you were thinking with the flashes of green, but I am really glad you like him so far! 😀
    Especially since he is coming home to you!
    I did start the scale details, and I haven’t photoed him yet, but I plan on working on him this weekend since it will be raining part of the long weekend. 🙂
    I am hoping for completion around Monday or Tuesday. *crosses fingers*


    Great job on that kirin!! :yes:

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