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      I love this kirin’s horn design, too. I would have loved to see the Kirin available in other poses though because the begging pose is really a defensive position 🙂


        I really do like the forked horn…




          YAAAY :3 is he a little bigger then the pyo kirin?


            This Kirin is the same size as the regular ones. She just Photoshopped the horn to look smaller. 🙂


              Ok If we can find the “master”( the original plaster piece). It is an Oriental dragon horn, but I cheated,I photoshopped it to reduce the size. It is really a little bit too big for this sculpture. We’d have to make new forked horns for him

              yey! *is excited by this*

              4 things I'm looking for:
              1. Mother Meerkat
              2. production color Sitting Young Oriental dragons to be made in more colors besides VF
              3. Female Griffin – Siamese with White
              4. September Raffle Prize 2022 AHD Male Griffin


                They be so pretty with forked horns . Just got my first blank one . With pretty yellow eyes and no theme to ask anyone to paint for me . Yet .


                  If they made these as a pyo I’d paint a few, but for some reason the extra details on the scales really bug me. It seems too busy – for a pyo anyways. I like that the current kirin PYO has a smoother body just because it makes it easier to paint patterns and details on it. The body shape seems more stocky on this original Kirin to. It’s still a gorgeous sculpt, but I can see why Melody ended up with the current Kirin.
                  It would make a really cool production item IMHO. It theoretically would be a more affordable item for those who want a kirin sculpt, but can’t afford the larger adult sculpts.
                  I do love the forked horn though. It would be cool if we could pick horn types like we can for the eye color. I know – we’er always want more *lol*.

                Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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