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      Very nice color combinations. Red and Black ahd always been a favorite of mine.


        I really really love how you did this guy! He looks wonderful πŸ˜€


          Very nice! πŸ˜€


            WOW! I REALLY like him alot! I’m also not too crazy about the burgundy. Maybe if it was the same crimson or a shade darker I’d like it more, but it’s very stunning as is too! Still one of my favorites I’ve seen so far.

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              woot! well, my pokey self finally finished two more pyos! i have another keeper in the works as well, but i needed to get these two done so as to not get spread tooo thin! i have so many started and half way done! gah!
              anyhoo, i finally did a griffin again as a commission….he was to be inspired by one of the griffin mounts from warcraft….hopefully i’m not stepping on any copyright laws with his looks..it was good to do a griff again, not to mention total painting culture shock, painting feathers and fur all of a sudden instead of scales! 😯 its hard! i need more practice with these guys! his feathers are edged in a silvery blue green and spots were a real bugger! it was actually my first time doing AND finishing spots! they are of no particular cat species, just fantasy griff spots.

              thennnn, i just finished up this guy, the first piece i have done in a long time with ebay in mind. he is a crazy mix of colors and i couldn’t really think of a good name for him, so i kinda stuck with tropical rainbow, even though he has no purple. oh well. he’s pretty loud, but i think he is fun mix of tone gradation, black antique to bring out the color and i got brave and used periwinkle blue for trim to contrast with the chinese red and golds. not exactly natural by any means, lol. geez, i just kept adding more n more n more to him; he was soooo different when i thought i was “done” initially, but i like how he came out in the end. he originally had no black antique or underlining, and blue only on his wings and dorsal scale points! i really want to try to do a natural toned dragon for a change of pace sometime soon, i just always end up going for more color. anyway, i’ll be curious to see what you guys think of this fella!



                Both are very pretty!!


                  The feathers on the griffin look great and I love the dragon! Such beautiful colors!


                  The dragon reminds me of the big flashy dragons they dance with in the parades… πŸ˜€
                  Awesome Griff! πŸ˜€


                    Wow, that griff is bold! I love it. And that dragon is fan-tas-tic! It reminds me of a wooden parrot thing I bought in Mexico some years ago. Same sort of colors. Nice….


                      Looove that gryph! His feathers are just wonderful.


                        WindstoneCollector wrote:

                        The dragon reminds me of the big flashy dragons they dance with in the parades… πŸ˜€
                        Awesome Griff! πŸ˜€

                        OMG lol! he DOES look like a parade dragon! lol! πŸ˜† we live on the parade route here in bristol, home of the oldest 4th of july parade, and they always have the dancing, snaking, fabric dragon in the asian tribute section….so the parade dragon thing is SO fresh in my mind! omg! now i so want to see the colors of the parade dragon from here to see if i subconsciously chose those for this guy! 😯 lol!


                          WOW! I love the dragon <3!!!! those colors are sooo pretty together!


                            I really like the griffin.

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                              Just love the feathers on that griffin. πŸ˜€ Great work on both of them!


                                I can’t believe your style, TF. I have a feeling one of these days I’ll break down and commission something from you if it weren’t for the space problem.

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