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    Wampus Dragon

      At home sick today so I had to time to take a few pics. Mostly of my favorites. Some I haven’t photographed before. The curio needed dusting anyway…

      My Hades unicorns and the grab bag baby ‘skeleton’ unicorn. I love me some Hades eyes.

      Koi #1 Mother and baby ki-rins.

      My ‘Wild Cat’ trio of GB safari-corns. Tiger, Golden Tiger and King Cheetah

      Tiger #1 Emperor from Melody, Wampus Cat raffle prize emperor

      ‘Color Shift’ quest emperor, Blue Ice #1 Emperor

      ‘Nebula’ GB Young uni, matching GB baby. ‘Blue Appaloosa’ #1 Mother unicorn, matching GB baby.

      Sand Tiger #1 adult and young orientals

      The ever growing Pink Army. PYO Keeper by travistie, Pink Stego by PS, Pink Nebula male ki-rin quest prize, 3 pink GB baby unis, pearly pink lap, shell pink oriental by Melody, Shell pink coiled mother by Melody, pearly pink curlie, Pink Cat Wizard by PS, Pink Mouse Wizard by PS, Pink Nebula Moon Dragon by PS, Pink bat-winged cat by PS, Pink Tiger Poad by Melody, pink GB young poad, Pink Sea Jewel by Melody, and Ticked Pink Old Warrior by Olympia.(I know the pic is HUGE, so if you click the image, it will open as another window)

      The Sand Bengal fledgling is easily my favorite fledge ever.


        Sigh…..I love the Wampus cat emperor…..


          Thought I would show my little rocks together. 🙂

          Sigh…I moved the picture in photobucket so the image was dropped. Sorry.

          I’m glad you all like them. I never intended to have so many….but I kept falling in love. The tiger is pretty incredible…that’s my icon.

          I think it is rather redundant to have both the Ocelot and the Tiger, but just can’t bring myself to let the Ocelot go….his coloring has so much depth and shading. I just rotate them and pray the hubby doesn’t notice. :bigsmile:

        Viewing 3 posts - 421 through 423 (of 423 total)
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