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      She is beautiful. You did a great job!

      Looking for:


        Thanks for your compliments everyone. It’s encouraging to read. Finishing this meant a lot to me since it’s been a year since I lost her. It’s still fresh and difficult to deal with.

        I plan to sculpt more things in the future. A family member threw down a challenge for me to sculpt baby Groot. Lol! So, here he is unpainted and painted. His posture is a bit off because he’s leaning forward, but I think it turned out for the most part.



          Groot is wonderful- you captured him perfectly! I like the little bit of lean, it makes him appear as if he’s looking curiously at something. I repeat, you have a future as a sculptor if you want to continue. Maybe learn how to cast, so you can sell copies on Etsy?


            Wow, your doggie and Groot look amazing! Very well done, keep creating!

            *Formerly meowmix101
            Not currently open for PYO commissions.


              Thank you! I really appreciate your compliment and I actually feel like an artist now having read the positive feedback from everyone. 😁 I’d love to get something going with making sculptures and castings, as you suggested, and even setting up at craft shows in the future. I hope I can make this a career someday. For now, I think I’ll have to figure out offering commissions and make a bunch of ooak pieces to raise funds for materials.

              Honestly, I don’t know the process for taking commissions or even where to offer them. Anyone have any ideas? Esty, perhaps?

              Landipan: Thank you for your compliment as well!

              Also, I added a base to Groot. He was a bit top-heavy and needed a bit more stability. If anyone is interested in him, please feel free to contact me. I’ll be listing him for sale in the non-windstone fleamarket section.



                I’m no artist, but I think maybe Etsy? Others here who do sell their art may be able to direct you better. I rarely see her anymore, but OpalDragon had started casting and selling her own sculpts, and Purplecat makes some beautiful things. There used to be someone who went by Purpleturtle here also that made some wonderfully unique pieces. I don’t know if any of these people still lurk here or may respond if you try to message them. 96037 I think is still around some too, and is very talented and may be willing to talk.

                If this link works, I went onto my husband’s Facebook page and found this artist had a video of the resin casting process of one of her sculpts. Jenna Antonelli/EbbNFlow.Design   I have a few of her PYOs waiting on me to have time, they are very beautiful.

              Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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