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      How important is it to you to have a “set” of something, however you might define that?  Sun and Moon, Mother and Baby, all colors of a sculpt, all sculpts in a color, etc?  Is it important to you or not?

      I spent years collecting every single old hatcher ever made, including the “mistakes”, and an old green prototype.  The only one I’m missing, if I can even say that, is a test paint old hatcher by Melody (not that I didn’t try to win those auctions!)

      But since then my life has changed a lot, and many of my hatchers are in their boxes hidden away, and even the ones on display are tucked behind larger pieces.  I’m also trying to simplify my life and have less.  I’m wondering if I should start selling them off, but another part of me balks at breaking up a complete set of all the old hatchers.  Plus it took me years to assemble them.  On the other hand, if they’re not being enjoyed, why keep them?



        For me I love having matching sets of pieces or little families.  The Windstones I have in sets or families I don’t think I would break up like my fledglings matching my babies but with that said I had a couple young dragons with matching hatchers I decided to sell and am just keeping a couple in my favourite colours.  With yours being stored, it reminds me of beanies babies I had collected for years that ended up being stored away in bags and boxes so I didn’t even get to see them for years.  I found a way to solve that though.  When I moved where I am now I bought a couple extra Ikea bookcases online for cheap, put all my favourite beanies on display in my room and the extras and non favourites I put up for sale.  I had a few hundred extras but sold a lot.  With my Windstones I kind of did the same thing.  I bought some curio cabinets online that were a good deal and put all my Windstones on display except for a handful that I am selling or have to paint or fix.  When I look at getting new Windstones or have the chance at buying favourites, I usually go through what I have and put others up for sale to make room.  It’s hard now though to let any go because once you acquire mostly favourites you want to keep them all.  If you like the idea of keeping the set together I would say I think it’s great if you can find a way to display them all and enjoy them or if not maybe keep your favourites and sell the others.

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          I strive for and enjoy having matching family sets or pairings, but, not all the pieces ever produced of a certain color theme. It’s also kind of fun and challenging to create one’s own families and pairings, like my mixed dragon family of peacock and emerald peacock which compliment each other though not all the same color theme. So I’m divided..

          I agree if they aren’t being enjoyed then swap them for something else that does. If you don’t want to break up years of your collecting efforts you could sell them as a group lot.  I say tuck them away until you are 100% sure you aren’t going to regret moving them on to new homes.  Um, guess that’s my thoughts for what they’re worth.


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            I agree with Werepanther,save them until you have no doubts it is the way to go with them.They aren’t very big,not much space needed though you do have a brood.lol Maybe get creative like Dragonmedley and move them around the house in different display ideas.I know how hard it was for you to get them all,exceptional feat.Just so you do know though, if you do part with them, I would like to get the ruby.Just saying…but I wish as a friend,you get to keep them all.

            I have wanted complete sets but nearly impossible to do,for me that is.The exception are my Toasted Pearls.I hope to have them with me until I leave this Earth along with a few other very special pieces like Queen Azura.I do love them all and wish I could keep them but as we all know,life is what happens when you are busy making plans.I have the Siamese w/white griffin complete set,old white & black unicorn complete sets and after Kickstarter,will have one of every size Poads.

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              The biggest risk of selling off part of your complete family is that if you come to regret the decision, it could become impossible to reassemble the set.  I would also recommend that you wait to sell until you’re really completely truly certain that you’re completely okay with that.

              I would also note that you don’t have to display it as “whole collection” to enjoy it as a complete set.  Are there other items you display that could be complemented by a hatcher?  Doesn’t have to be Windstones, or even “collectibles”.  Example: the copper hatchling would look cute beside a set of copper kitchen storage tins.  Hatchlings hiding among leafy plants would be cute, if you can keep them safe from the water.  At any rate, the point is that if you still adore them, you might be able to find places to scatter them around your home, where they can be a hide-and-seek set.

              As for me, my main collection is a blended dragon family, rainbow – emerald peacock – black violet peacock.  If rainbow hadn’t been discontinued, it would be a straight-rainbow family, but that’s just not how things worked out, and I actually like the blend better than a “pure” family.  It gives the family a bit more character to my eyes, and links the colors to particular times of my life.  I have a few other pieces – Pebbles, candle laps, and a couple of gift dragons – and most of those will never be a “set”.  I just found places where they fit with other things.  I am working on a set of silver rainbow sparkle Pebbles, because OMG so much sparkle, but they’re also “neutral” color-wise and so small I anticipate never having a challenge finding a place for them.

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                the only sculpt I really have that would count as a family is my fledgies, I have one I need to buy back eventually to have all the colors I like….and someday I would like to find a special ebay fledgie….but I don’t really have a matching set family anywhere, I like to collect lots of different colors and coat patterns….


                but as far as breaking up your clutch, I wouldn’t, you won’t necessarily ever be able to get all of them back should you change your mind someday….

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                  Thanks for the feedback everyone!  You’re right in that I shouldn’t break the clutch up until I’m totally sure I’m okay with that.  Right now, obviously, I’m not.  I like the idea of scattering them around the house.  They’re small and adorable.  Perhaps when life has settled a bit I can get them out of their boxes and find new spots for them in my home.  <3


                    That’s the key right there: you’re not ready to part with them, displayed or not. So keep ’em!

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                      Good for you!

                      Every act matters.No matter how small💞
                      (Wanted......Brimstone Lap)
                      Male Hearth....one day🤞Dream on.


                        I’m a color collector as a way of keeping my sanity hah. I can’t afford many purchases (even after almost 32 years owning my collection still numbers in the low 20s), so only ‘allowing’ myself a single scheme helps a little with the frustration of not being able to spend with abandon.

                        As far as selling your hatcher collection, I’m with the others saying sit on it a bit longer first. It would be difficult to the point of almost impossible to reassemble it probably, if you do sell then regret it. When my daughter was born, I had to pack all my collection away also. I’m only now really being able to bring them out; a brief attempt to display them on top of a very high bookshelf resulted in cat-astrophe and having to be put away again. Your son won’t be a danger to them forever. If you don’t have cats- or have cat proof displays- and don’t have another child, in a few years they can come back out.

                        If in a couple years you still aren’t thinking you want them, then sell. Things change and maybe they just aren’t for you anymore. If needing money now isn’t a problem, they’ll probably be worth the same then. And I think you’d probably do best if you should sell them to break up the collection. People wanting and able to afford the whole bunch are probably a rare breed!

                        (must admit I’m tempted like Bodine though- should you sell, that tongue prototype would be delightful!)


                          Funny thing about that guy (I named him Zan)…  He was my first ever Windstone.  Bought him cheap on eBay and didn’t know he was a prototype or different than other hatchers until a long while later.  I think somewhere Melody mentioned the first hatchers having tongues and I went “OH!  THAT’S WHAT THAT IS!”  Talk about luck!  Every time I see an old green hatcher on eBay I check the pictures to see if it’s another prototype.

                          And Bodine, I think the ruby was the last one I got.  I was looking for him for a long time!  iirc, a very kind forum member sold him to me to complete my collection.

                          Another favorite is the red eyed red fire.  Again, iirc, someone mentioned seeing a red eyed red fire hatcher in Albuquerque.  I just HAPPENED to be visiting my in-laws in Santa Fe, so over we went to the store and there he was!  I’ve only seen a few others show up.  More luck.

                          My son isn’t much of a danger to anything anymore (other than himself – he just turned 3), but for over a year my father lived with us in my office/guest room, so most Windstones were packed away.  Now my sister’s family is coming to live with us for awhile, with my 1 year old niece, and we’re trying to have another child as well, so…  I have to keep reminding myself that I’m just in a different stage of my life right now.  Windstone has had to be put on hold for a few years, and probably will be for a few more (Kickstarter notwithstanding, because omg those Poads).  When my kids are older, when we don’t have long term guests…then I can unbox everything and have things back to how I want them to be.  Right now less than half of my collection is displayed, part because of safety, and part because of a lack of space.  It’s just how things are right now and it’s temporary.

                          What color do you collect?


                            Stephanie, I am on board with everyone here! Wait! There is nothing worse than “seller’s remorse” … this is something I am familiar with. Its not a great feeling.

                            I am kinda funny when it comes to families or matching sets of things. I have 3 main pebbles families, which consist of all the pebble creatures excluding fat cats. One family is all  Black and white, one dark rich brown and black, and then brown and grey. When it comes to dragons, i might have 2-3 things of the same colour, but I like to mix it up. I like Emerald and Violet Flame the most I guess, but still only have a few dragons in those colours. Then there’s my Poads!! And I only do this with the hoppies, where I hoard them in black with orange/red solid backs. Sometimes I give my head a shake and list a few things in the classifieds, but only if I am 100% sure I’d  be ok seeing it in someone else’s collection. Funny how we get attached…

                            oh! And my lovebird poads…i had to have two! cuz well, they’re lovebirds! 😉

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                              Hah – that was my first thought too!  However, greed aside, I do think that Stephanie should keep the clutch together.  They’re small and easy to store or display in little spaces.  She’s right that life comes in stages, and those stages pass faster than you realize.


                                Here is my “biggest” family…and to be clear, I only traded for 1 of them, and that was before mine from the store arrived. Turns out, I should have waited lol!   I included the solid-back hoppies even if they aren’t yellow/orange/red. I do enjoy them!




                                Wanted: "Dragon Fruit" Male Dragon ~ "Fire Berry", "Paradise", "Dragon Fruit", "Tie Dye" ~ The brighter, the better!


                                  Wow, that’s an awesome family!  I love that they’re all a little different.

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