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      The March free Windstone Raffle has been announced! Quoting the email here for anyone who missed it …

      This March raffle prize is a fine Oriental Moon dragon. She was originally copper patina, but had horn problems so I have been fixing her up for about a year!

      Her horns are good now, thanks to some tender loving care, and she sports a fancy set of scales thanks to the combination of colors I used! Her copper patina color still shows in spots, but now she also has green/purple color-shift paint on her scales and most of them are edged with copper.
      While it may appear blue in the picture, the colors do shift as the figurine changes position in the light! She has smoky blueish eyes and holds a dichroic globe in her mouth.

      If you are interested in a chance to win this Oriental Moon Dragon, click this link to send me an email to my NEW raffle email address: reptangle2@gmail.com with “March 2023 Raffle” in the Subject line, and in the body of the email, your real name and address and your Windstone Editions registered website user name (i.e. the name you use in your forum posts like WindstoneFan309).

      Once I receive your email, you should receive a response confirming that it arrived.
      The deadline for entering this raffle is 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time, April 1st, 2023 (no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke, just the nature of timing!) – Please send your email before that time!
      Late entries may not be considered. … One entry per person.






        Oh wow she’s gorgeous! Good luck everyone

        Would love to see more dinosaur windstones! ❤️


          Ohhhh, sooooo niiiice!


            oh so pretty!


              Gorgeous piece, I entered but never got the confirmation e-mail back. No, it is not in my spam or trash folders.

              Linda Watson

                No confirmation email again, but it looks sent on my end. Linda Watson

                Linda Watson Gresham


                  also no ocnfirmation my raffle emai lwas sent in. hope it got through!

                  Aza- a.k.a Rosalynne on Windstone Official Forum Group

                  Hunter Wolf

                    Same, no confirmation e-mail.

                    Looking to obtain: Brimstone sitting oriental dragon


                      Oh that’s beautiful.Good luck to those who enter
                      and congrats to the winner.

                      Every act matters.No matter how small💞
                      (Wanted......Brimstone Lap)
                      Male Hearth....one day🤞Dream on.


                        uh oh, i didnt receive a confirmation e-mail so i resent it, thought it didnt get through….. sorry. I hope it won’t cause any issues, that dragon is really magnificent! Good Luck everyone and congrats to whomever becomes the lucky winner! 😀

                        Laurie Hicks

                          Oooh, that’s pretty. Definitely entering the raffle!


                            She is a STUNNER

                            I love how the look evolved through her time of TLC/recovery. I’m smitten! 😍

                            Member Type/Orientation: Chaotic Creative/ Occasional Freelance/40hrDayJob

                            Wishlisty~Old Warrior/Stone::Rising Spectral/Violet Flame::
                            ANY Peacock or White~I only have a white fledgling and several white PYO 😅 ::
                            ** Matching pair of sun & moon oriental dragons**
                            **test paint/Grab-bag ki-rin or gryphons**
                            Grail: March 2023 raffle piece (a girl can dream!)


                              Oh wow she’s gorgeous! Good luck everyone

                              Stunning! I adore these colours and glad her “scars” were tended to ❤️. Good luck to all!

                              Wide Eyes Searching

                                I responded to the email but didn’t get a confirmation email response back. I resent it thinking I messed up, but still no response.

                                Amy Piper

                                  Very new to windstone! Just entered the raffle! This would be my first one 🤞🤞

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