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      lol Tacos are arranged for 2 weeks from now 🙂 Going to hit it hard these next couple weeks to see how much I can lose before April 🙂


      Something I’m getting back to in the morning – I kind of fell off my diet but this was a frequent breakfast of mine and very easy. I simply made an omelet – spray the pan with Pam and then take three pieces of low fat ham and cut them in pieces – lightly brown the ham and then put in the equivalent of two eggs (I have to use Eggbeaters because of my cholesterol) cook the omelet and then put a slice of cheese on top. cover until the cheese melts. I eat it without any bread and I believe the carb count would be extremely low and there’s enough protein from the egg and ham and enough fat from the cheese. Sometimes I slice a fresh tomato on the side and have that with just a bit of salt and pepper. Maybe some of the cooks here could figure out the carbs- I admit I’m no cook.


        Riley87, there is more and more scientific research pointing to the fact that cholesterol in foods does not translate into the cholesterol that shows up in blood tests. You may want to research where high blood cholesterol comes from. I am not suggesting that you go against your doctor’s wishes but it is something to look into. Health sciences are constantly evolving and eggs = bad cholesterol is a rather old fashioned approach. Kind wishes!

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      Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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