It seems this year is still not done with me.

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    My deepest sympathies.


      Hugs and sympathy to you my dear. I’m so very sorry. Saber will be greatly missed but I know you’ll be reunited eventually.




        So sorry about your loss and all the troubles you’ve been having. Wishing you the best and hope things will get better.


        My condolences for your loss, having to choose to let go of a treasured friend like that is always very hard…

        But he loved you very much, as you loved him, and he will be waiting patiently for you for as long as it takes.



          My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family – I have an idea of what you are going through. Those of you who were on the Forum a couple of years ago when I lost my beautiful chow Tristen will remember how I cried and cried and still cry when I think of him. I now have chow no. 5 and his name is Spanky. He came from the same breeder that Tristen did but from another line. I love Spanky dearly but there will never be another Tristen.


            Awe bayou, I just saw this. I’m so sorry for your loss hon 🙁 *hugs* Loosing pets is always very hard… one of the worst things ot go through in my opinion.

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              Im so sorry Bayou.


                Thanks, everyone. I just want to drop in and say I’m doing OK. I’m actually dealing with Saber’s loss better than I expected. I do believe it’s because of my other 2 dogs (April is laying next to me as I type). I still miss Saber terribly, and I still cry, but I know he’s in a better place. That really does get me through.

                I know I haven’t been on in a while, and I’m probably going to be gone for a while longer still. It seems this year isn’t done with me yet, as my husband and I are probably seperating. We have decided for now to wait until after the holidays to discuss this any further. Our families would not be able to handle it.

                I really am having one heck of a year. 🙁


                  Take you time and healing is good . So sorry to hear about more trouble . When they say God only gives you what you can handle you wonder what he’s thinking . Blessings to you . Prayers that next year is better .


                    My sympathy for everything you are going through!


                    Awww bayou, so many hard things for you to deal with at once. The end of a marriage is such a difficult thing but at the same time can open doors to new and amazing things. I thought the end of my marriage was the worst thing ever and now I look back gratefully as I have one Hell of a partner now that fits me just perfectly and is an amazing father. As one door closes another does open….sometimes it just takes awhile for it to swing open wide enough for us to go through it. Took me a few years to find my “better future”. I wish you all the best and hope that through the difficult time you can hold onto your hope for a better future.


                      Yep,what Brandy said. 🙂
                      I am so sorry for all you have been through.Thank goodness this year is ending with a new one waiting in the wings.New year,new life.Be strong and trust yourself.You will prevail.Hugs.

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