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      Welcome. I am new also. Everyone here is very helpful and friendly. No one is kidding when they say it’s addicting. πŸ˜€


        Welcome to the Forum!!! Glad to have you with us!! πŸ˜€


          Welcome to the forum!


            Eleu wrote:

            I should consider the wolf and unicorn too, I like them all! Too bad I have no idea how to paint-lol, but I am going to try and figure out how πŸ˜‰ So far I have the White Mother Dragon, the Gargoyle egg with eyes, and two of the smaller flap cats. I have the black one with the dragon wings, and the siamese with the Griffin wings. I would love to find the other two so I could have both sets!

            I also have a baby unicorn comming in the mail, I don’t have a large budget so I am trying to get the smaller ones first πŸ™‚ I saw a poad on the WS site the other day, never seen one before and it’s just the cutest thing-I really want one!

            I love the white dragons. They are so pretty. I used to have a decent WS dragon collection a few years ago, but got away from collecting any Windstones until just recently. Now, I’m just sticking with griffins and Poads(tm). My husband would kill me if I collect everything they make! It’s sooooo hard not to do though… especially with this forum!

            But, anytime someone mentions Poads(tm)… I get very excited. I’m sure most of these guys know that about me already though – LOL! I’m constantly bugging Melody about them, and when the next one will be released. I think they’re the cutest little guys… and to be honest, they are what got me collecting WS again! I currently have 3 of them, and can’t wait to get more! I recommend getting a Poad(tm), if you’re considering getting one. You’ll like him a lot! Oh, don’t forget to vote for your next favorite Poad(tm) color! πŸ˜€ http://www.windstoneeditions.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3904


              Thanks againg for the welcomes everyone! And what great timing-my new baby unicorn came in the mail today with my HP7 book-lol He is the most beautiful little unicorn, I’ve never had a brand new WS before, my other were given to me from my moms collection. No sooner did I set him on the shelf when I decided he looked awfully lonesome and needed a mom. 😳 I’ll have to save up for her next!

              Poads ARE just about the cutest thing aren’t they? I really hate having to be responsiable and pay bills, I’d rather go and get another piece-darn! πŸ˜› I saw all the little poads with their pizza, I want them all!


                Welcome to the Forum Windstones are addictive and this Forum makes them even more so.


                  Welcome to the forum. Watch out I bite.

                  I would help but I am just to tired to get out of bed today~
                  Engaged to a Weasel


                    Eep! *hides*


                    welcome to the forum! enjoy your stay here.

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