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      darjeb wrote:

      I just ran over and looked at my Red Fire OW and Fledgie, those are the only RF ones I have and neither one has faded I guess I got lucky.

      I would like to see the Fledgie in autumn leaf and silver
      Ditto that! I would love to add a Silver and Autumn Leaf Fledglings to my Fledgling flock πŸ˜€ .


      Yes, I just want to see a steady supply of fledglings period.


        CherylKaufman wrote:

        GB!!!!!!! Hey girl, how the heck have you been?! Yep, alive, kicking, grabbing Windstone’s here and there as money allows. I’m still unemployed in our current economic downtime here in the US but I’m back in school to become a registered nurse so I can find some stable and useful employment πŸ˜€ (I have rejected Corporate America- evil, bad, bad place!)

        These days I spend my time studying and gardening…A LOT. It’s so good to see you again! When ya coming back to the US (TX)?! We moved and our new house is lovely with lots of dog room in the backyard and an entire room for lizards πŸ˜€ I just got a Great Pyrenees too (figured I needed another huge pile of fluffy love) to occupy my time. My life is wonderful right now, no stress other than to get an A on whatever the next test is (which I have been quite successful at!), I’ve got time for my family, yard, animals, etc. It sounds crazy but unemployment has been pure bliss and I’m so grateful I’ve had some time away from that company I used to work for πŸ˜€ Life is good!

        I’m glad to hear life’s been treating you well! Good luck getting that certification; even if unemployment gave you a breather, I’m sure you’ll want to be able to work again.
        A Pyrenees on top of three wolf hybrids?! You are ambitious! And a whole room for lizards? How cool! Is the Chinese Water Dragon still a grump?
        I have no idea when I’ll be visiting the States again. When I do, Texas is a must, but what with motorcycle tours, a new house, possibly a new job and other such upheavals booking a couple weeks’ vacation is going to have to wait…


          Cheryl, That is the item I look for too. Missed the last two. πŸ™


            Leigha is selling her Ruby Fledgling and a few others in the Flea Market.


              Welcome back!!
              I talk to Susie on a somewhat regular basis trying to figure our how to complete my Red Fires and I’m almost there, one left to get
              I actually just talked to her about it last week and she said they are still not OFFICIALLY retired but the future does not look too good so if you want one and can find it at issue price JUMP on it
              They also had trouble figuring out how the old painters in Hollywood got to the finished product since they had not been able to match it in Oregon but I think Olympia got there to show them how to paint it at least

            Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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